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Star Trek: Now you can celebrate your victories with a bottle of Klingon Bloodwine

Star Trek Wines has released its version of the Klingon nectar

Twice as strong as whiskey, Klingon bloodwine wasn’t for the weak. Extremely intoxicating, it didn’t sit well with most anyone but Klingons. And most warriors were seldom without it, many carrying barrels aboard their ships in case they needed to celebrate a victory. Captain Jonathan Archer of Star Trek: Enterprise had the dubious pleasure of being the first human to have a taste of the concoction, and he asked the question that most of us would have asked as well: “what’s it the blood of?”

Well, now you can find out how it tastes yourself as Star Trek Wines has released a ceremonial bloodwine that, according to its website features “a dramatic silk screen design and hand dipped wax finish [that] pays homage to the three pillars of Klingon Culture; honor, duty and tradition.”  The bottles also have “unique Klingon sayings on four different corks used in bottling – all celebrating the Klingon culture and language.”

The COO of Wines that Rock, the company behind Star Trek Wines, Spencer Brewer said they received help from David Holquinn, a member of the Klingon Assault Group  and Klingon Language Institute to” help vet potential bottle and label designs.”  And great pains were taken to include everyone in the announcement of the wine’s debut as media releases were issued in both English and Klingon.

Brewer wanted to be sure that the wines would be pleasing to the Klingon palate as well as humans.

Not only is the wine supposed to be a treasure to drink, but the bottles will be collector’s editions perfect for lovers of Star Trek and Klingons.

Each bottle costs $50.00, and there is a limited quantity available as this is a limited edition release. In further appreciation of Klingon culture, all bottles ordered began shipping on September 17th, which is the Klingon Day of Honor.