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Patrick Stewart Wants A Star Wars & Star Trek Crossover Movie

Veteran star Patrick Stewart says that he's fantasized about a Star Wars and Star Trek movie that would see the two iconic universes crossing over. Stewart is known for a number of iconic roles, including Professor X in the X-Men universe, but none more so than Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek universe. He originated the role in Star Trek: The Next Generation beginning in 1989, and has appeared as the character in four movies on screen too. Most recently he reprised the role for Star Trek: Picard which is due to drop season 2 some time in 2021.

He also recently appeared in a bizarre ad for Uber Eats, alongside another adventure franchise veteran in the form of Mark Hamill, best known for playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars universe. The ad fulfilled many a nerd fantasy by placing the two iconic actors on screen opposite each other, albeit not in their most famous roles. Nonetheless, the commercial got attention, and caused fans to fantasize about what it would have looked like if the pair had ever appeared in a Star Wars-Star Trek crossover event. And it turns out they weren't the only ones.

Speaking to Men's Journal about his Uber Eats team up with Hamill, Stewart admitted that he's fantasized about the universes crossing over too. Calling both universes "iconic," Stewart adds that lots of ideas about the possibility have been thrown about in the past, though obviously to no avail. He ends by saying he'd "get such a kick" out of it happening. You can read his full comments below:

Of course, Stewart's wish is pure fantasy, given that the franchises are owned by competing entities. But it's also even more unlikely given the differing focuses of each franchise. Despite often being compared, Star Wars and Star Trek are, as Hamill says in the interview, "really apples and oranges." While Star Trek is classic science fiction, Star Wars really is more of a fantasy adventure that happens to be set in space. Still, though, that hasn't stopped fans of both franchises comparing the two, and hoping there would be a crossover at some point.

The closest that crossover will ever come to happening, though, is arguably J.J. Abrams' 2009 Star Trek movie, which discarded a number of classic Star Trek elements in favor of some more Star Wars-esque plot devices and adventure themes. While that movie was a success, Stark Trekpurists will say that it wasn't a proper entry in the universe given the focus on the more Star Wars-style elements. Regardless, fans will continue arguing over the merits of each, and some might still hold out hope of an official universe crossover, no matter how unlikely that is to ever occur.

Source: Men's Journal

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