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Despite rumors saying otherwise, Paramount is still making Star Trek movies

Despite a rumor saying otherwise, new Star Trek movies are in the works says Paramount.

The demise of the Star Trek film franchise has been greatly exaggerated. According to Giant Freaking Robot, Paramount had canceled any pre-production for any new upcoming Star Trek films. Their report claimed a source told them the following;

Paramount was having none of that and told Screenrant that there was no truth to the rumors of future Trek properties being taken off the table. What comes next is still anyone’s guess. Screenrant goes on to say that “Star Trek movies”, are still in development. Meaning plural.

So is Paramount still looking through the three major film ideas for the next Trek flick? For a refresher, those ideas were Noah Hawley’s new cast and crew for Trek 4. Then there was the direct sequel to the Kelvin Timeline that would see Star Trek 4, more or less, take pace right after the events of Star Trek: Beyond. Then there is of course the highly controversial Quentin Tarantino version.

While Tarantino is well regarded for his film making skills, they don’t transfer to a wider audience generally speaking, and his more blase approach to human behavior will rub a lot of die-hard fans the wrong way. Many Star Trek fans aren’t in favor of the newer, flashier, more violent, and foul-mouthed versions of Trek.

The ratings have not been the best and CBS All Access has been a failure in the streaming game. After nearly four years the service isn’t over 10 million subscribers yet. While Disney + is already over 30+ and it just launched in 2020. Clearly taking the series away from what fans wanted wasn’t the best idea, which is why Star Trek: Strange New World seeks to go back to what worked.

Putting Tarantino in charge of the film property may goose you some new casual viewers, but you’ll lose out on more diehards. Casuals leave all the time, diehards don’t. Not as long as you cater to them.