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Some of the Next Generation Star Trek films needed a character like Q

Jonathan Frakes has admitted he pitched the infamous Star Trek nemesis Q for the Next Generation movies

Star Trek: The Next Generation alums Jonathan Frakes (William Ryker) and John de Lancie (Q) took part in the GalaxyCon panel last weekend and talked to fans about all things Star Trek. The topic of why Q was never brought over to the film franchise was brought and Frakes made a surprising admission; he tried.

What is really disappointing about all this is that three of the four Star Trek: The Next Generation films could’ve used Q to some degree. Not just due to storyline purposes, but also for the creativity, spontaneity, and overall vibe that comes with de Lancie’s portrayal of the space-god.

In the first film, Generations, Jean Luc-Picard has to stop a mad man from destroying the universe. Picard initially fails and ends up in some weird purgatory/afterlife with Guinan, a nemesis of Q, but a friend to the folks of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Q’s involvement in that film could’ve been that exact scene. It could have also featured Guinan and Q in some sort of duel, with Guinan siding with Picard and the Enterprise and Q siding with Malcolm McDowell’s villain, Dr. Tolian Soran. Also, think about Kirk and Q meeting? Wow. What a missed opportunity.

The second film, First Contact, was a masterpiece. Q wasn’t needed to improve that film.

The last two, Insurrectionand Nemesis, however? Yeah, Q would’ve helped. Insurrection dealt with the Enterprise defying orders from Starfleet due to a potential fountain of youth that the Federation wanted to use in their war with the Dominion. Nemesis was even bolder, if not more out there, that saw a clone of Picard enter the fray and the introduction of the Vulcans and Romulans third-cousins, the Remans.

Q would’ve done wonders for both. A fountain of youth? Of course, the godly Q would have his hands in that. A clone of Picard and a third race that shares DNA with the Vulcans and Romulans? Sounds like a plot Q cooked up alright.

Maybe Q’s involvement wouldn’t have made the movies better but it wouldn’t have made them any worse. Plus, add on Jeri Ryan’s potential involvement in Nemesis, and that movie might’ve been the new standard barer.

Too bad the studio shot down Q’s involvement. Oh, what could’ve been.