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How Noah Hawley’s Star Trek Would’ve Been Different Than Abrams’ Movies

Noah Hawley says that his delayed Star Trekmovie would have taken the series back to its roots, focusing on human ingenuity more than action. Hawley's long-awaited entry in the Star Trek universe has yet to take flight, with reports earlier this week, later denied by Paramount, that his and all other movies in the franchise have been put on hold. Despite their denials, Paramount and CBS do seem to be focusing on Star Trek TV series at the moment, with Picard, Discovery, and Lower Decks all doing well for them.

Hawley created the hit anthology TV adaptation of Fargo and Legion, set in the X-Men universe, and is thus well-suited to looking at old stories in new and exciting ways. Last week, he said that his Star Trek movie would focus on new characters, rather than following Kirk or Picard, and so would have been separate from J.J. Abrams' films. Unfortunately, it seems like fans won't get to see what he had up his sleeve, with Hawley himself admitting that the project is on the backburner, at least for the time being. Regardless, the director clearly had a vision for the project.

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Speaking to Observer about Fargo season 4, Hawley also took the time to talk about his Star Trek and how he wanted to bring it back to its roots. Criticizing Abrams' efforts for being too action-focused, Hawley says that his movie would have instead focused on the traditional Star Trek idea of using your wits and ingenuity to overcome a problem. He adds that he wanted to show the characters putting the best parts of humanity on display for the world to see. You can read his full comments below:

Hawley's comments about Abrams' movies are echoed by many fans, who disliked its apparent similarities to the Star Wars franchise, particularly in placing action above character. However, it's not like those films were a disaster at the box office, and so Hawley was likely mindful of the need to balance the two elements better, rather than throwing out the action altogether. Hawley's comments also reveal his love of the franchise, picking out his key favorite moments from the movies.

As such, it's a pity that his vision for Star Trekhas been put aside for now. It sounds like it would have been interesting and novel, and introduced fans to new characters in a way that still ties into the overall universe. If his attempts to make a faithful reboot of the series had been half as successful as they were on Fargo, the new movie likely would have been a hit, satisfying fans of the original as well as bringing in new fans.

Source: Observer

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