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Supernatural Season 15's Finale Is About Sam & Dean, Not The Mythology

Supernatural’sfinal episode will be more concerned with wrapping up the Winchesters’ personal story than with a massive climax to the show’s mythology, according to writer Andrew Dabb. The popular monster-hunting, God-killing series will return to begin its final seven-episode run on October 8th.

Ending a long-running series is no small task, especially when that series’ appeal is closely tied to such a tight group of core characters. The Winchester Brothers – Jensen Ackles’s Dean and Jared Padalecki’s Sam – have become as iconic as any TV duo as ever been over the past fifteen years, right up there in the pantheon with Skully and Mulder, and Kirk and Spock. Wrapping up the story of the brothers is a delicate and necessary step for the show to conclude properly. Still, it will be interesting to see how that personal narrative is balanced with the overall plot to use Lucifer’s child to kill God. Regardless, Supernatural is sure to head out with a bang – though Ackles has already confirmed he’d happily return to the franchise somewhere down the line.

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In a recent interview with TVLine, long-time show writer Andrew Dabb was asked if fans could expect a “brother-centric” sendoff for the show, and apparently, the answer is yes. Dabb confirmed most of the action/mythology climax would take place in episode 19, the season’s penultimate episode, leaving the proper finale to focus more closely on Sam, Dean, and the conclusion of their family story. You can read Dabb’s quote below.

While Supernatural’s overarching lore has grown to absurd levels (the plot to kill God himself being a clear example), the show’s appeal has always mainly rested in the bonds between its central characters and the way they've grown. Knowing the writers understand this, and that the show’s last hour will prioritize the “family” Sam and Dean have formed around them is sure to please fans who’ve been in it since the beginning. Likewise, anyone who’s appreciated the stellar chemistry between Ackles, Padalecki, and co-star Misha Collins.

Of course, no matter how the show handles its swansong, the farewell is sure to be bittersweet. The Winchester boys have been through a lot in the past fifteen years – from multiple deaths and trips to hell, resurrections, and duels with the devil, to apocalypses and alternate dimensions – and the show’s stalwart supporters have stayed with them every step of the way. It’s clearly meant a lot to Ackles and Padalecki, too, each of whom will be driving home one of the show’s signature Chevy Impalas as a souvenir. Supernaturalreturns to begin its final run on October 8th.

Source: TVLine

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