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Utopia Soundtrack Guide: Every Song In Season 1

Amazon's new series Utopia has a chilling score composed by Jeff Russo that mixes psychedelic rock and experimental jazz with modern pop and hip-hop. Based on the UK series with the same name, Utopia follows a group of comic-book fans and conspiracy theorists as they realize that the graphic novel "Utopia" has been predicting real-life world disasters. Utopia is an unnerving and eerily prescient series, dealing with a fast-spreading flu virus and a vast global conspiracy, as the fans try to unravel the mysteries in "Utopia" and save the world.

Utopia's composer, Jeff Russo, has scored multiple television shows in the past, including FargoStar Trek: DiscoveryLegion, and The Umbrella Academy. The music in Utopia is an eclectic mix across genres, and most songs have a driving beat that emphasizes the underlying tension running through the story. Although most of the Utopia soundtrack is indie or alternative rock, the occasional inclusion of a pop or hip-hop song reminds the audience that Utopia is still taking place in alternate-reality modern America.

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As the "Utopia" fans get dragged further and further into the conspiracy and the flu spreads across America, the Utopia score gets more and more sparse, and the series uses the long stretches of silence to increasingly ramp up the tension.

Utopia Season 1, Episode 1: "Life Begins"

A young couple finds the sequel to the graphic novel "Dystopia" and bring it to a comic-book convention in Chicago to sell it. Meanwhile, the conspiracy theorists of the "Dystopia" fan forums meet up for the first time and try to catch a glimpse of the long-awaited sequel.

"Friends of P" by The Rentals - The song plays near the beginning of the episode when Samantha walks into FringeCon.

"Aqua Box" by Jam City - Samantha dresses down a group of "Dystopia" fanboys who don't believe the conspiracy theories about the graphic novel.

"Hood Go Crazy" by Tech N9ne feat. 2 Chainz - Grant, the youngest member of the conspiracy crew, sneaks into the penthouse to try and steal "Utopia."

"Blossom (Got To Get It Out)" by Komeda - The Swedish indie song plays while Arby and Rod systematically assassinate all the fans who looked at "Utopia."

"Me And The Devil" by Gil Scott-Heron - The blues standard plays over the credits at the end of the episode.

Utopia Season 1, Episode 2: "Just A Fanboy"

Jessica Hyde and the conspiracy crew are officially on the run, and Grant takes refuge in his new friend Alice's house with the stolen copy of "Utopia." Meanwhile, Dr. Kevin Christie (John Cusack) and his lab-grown meat are suspected to be the source of a new flu, and Michael Stearns tries to get funding for his virology research.

"Bmbmbm" by black midi - The police and housekeeping discover that a horrific massacre has taken place at the fan convention.

"Summon the Fire" by The Comet is Coming - The experimental jazz song plays when Wilson and Jessica go to pick up the rest of the crew after escaping Arby, and they all go on the run.

"That's The Way It's Got To Be" by The Poets - Near the middle of the episode, Grant meets Alice while trying to sneak through her backyard.

"Survive" by Chelsea Wolfe - The doom metal song plays over the credits at the end of the episode.

Utopia Season 1, Episode 3: "Tuesday's Child"

Jessica Hyde and Ian go to find Artemis, who gives them final information about Jessica's father and the mysteries in"Utopia." Dr. Kevin Christie tries to pressure Michael Stearns (Rainn Wilson) into announcing that the flu vaccine is ready, and Stearns refuses him.

"Big" by Fontaines D.C. - Wilson and Becky drive into Chicago to meet Grant for the first time, and take him back to Jessica Hyde.

"Less Sex" by Daughters - The rock song plays over the credits at the end of the episode.

Utopia Season 1, Episode 4: "not slow not bad"

Michael Stearns goes to the epicenter of the flu pandemic, St. Louis, to learn more about the spread, as Dr. Kevin Christie instructs Arby to frame Grant for a mass shooting so everyone will be looking for him. Meanwhile, Ian and Becky meet-up with Homeland Security agent Katherine Milner to get crucial information about Jessica's father and Mr. Rabbit.

"Mairzy Doats" by The Merry Macs - The 1943 novelty song plays while Michael Stearns sits at a diner in St. Louis.

"Somebody Help Me" by The Spencer Davis Group - Michael Stearns talks to concerned parents of the dying kids in the St. Louis diner.

"Run Far" by Elliphant - The conspiracy crew realizes that their location has been compromised and prepares to blow up the safe house.

"Nothing Dies With You" by Eyes of a Blue Dog - The song plays over the credits at the end of the episode.

Utopia Season 1, Episode 5: "Order 2472"

Dr. Kevin Christie finally pressures Michael Stearns into public supporting the vaccine after he tests it on Charlotte, and she survives. Arby and Jessica finally come face to face when she and Grant go back to Alice's house for the rest of "Utopia." Dr. Kevin Christie tells his son Thomas (Cory Michael Smith) to enact Order 2474.

"Small Town Zoo" by Graham Hunt - Jessica and Grant duck into a dive bar to avoid being spotted by the police.

"Me and Little Andy" by Dolly Parton - Crates of rabbits are loaded into trucks marked with "Order #2472" at the end of the episode.

Utopia Season 1, Episode 6: "Respect Your Purpose"

The crew tries to decode the pages of "Utopia" as Jessica realizes that she must find and kill Mr. Rabbit to save her father - and the world. Michael Stearns starts to realize that the flu isn't spreading naturally, and suspects that a bigger conspiracy is at work.

"Stupid Cupid" by Ronald Hanmer - Arby smashes all of his beloved raisin boxes at the beginning of the episode.

Utopia Season 1, Episode 7: "Talking Hurts"

Michael Stearns uncovers the source of the flu and teams up with Jessica and her friends to destroy Dr. Kevin Christie's tainted vaccine. Jessica and Wilson question Katherine Milner about Mr. Rabbit and try to get answers about Jessica's childhood.

"Lights" by Catalynx - The dance song plays at the beginning of the episode, when Charlotte is alone in her house.

"Supersonic" by J.J. Fad - Ian blasts the 1980's dance song while distracting Grant and Alice as the crew questions Michael Stearns downstairs.

"Words Up!" by Cameo - The R&B song plays when Jessica, Becky, Wilson, and Michael Stearns arrive at the petting zoo at the end of the episode.

Utopia Season 1, Episode 8, "Stay Alive, Jessica Hyde"

Dr. Kevin Christie comes clean to Jessica and the crew about his plan, and they try to destroy the vaccine before it's shipped out. The crew is split up as they try to escape capture, and Jessica finally returns home with Arby.

"No More Heroes" by The Stranglers - Michael Stearns and the crew try to destroy the vaccine at Dr. Christie's warehouse

"Bad Apples" by Pussy Riot & Dave Sitek - The song plays over the credits of the season 1 finale.

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