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Noah Hawley sounds like he understands how to make a Star Trek film

Despite a script that got shot down, Noah Hawley’s vision for Star Trek will excite long-time fans of the franchise.

Noah Hawley should be given a shot to make a Star Trek film. After an interview with Observer, Hawley revealed that he truly does understand Star Trek. Star Trek, unlike a lot of science fiction is more about the slice of life and exploration that comes with being a Starfleet officer. Hawley, shockingly enough, understands this.

Talking to Observer, he really showed what he thought his vision of the films should be and it’s a vision fans will appreciate.

The idea of subtly and character was sorely lost on the Kelvin films. They were bright lights, flashy effects and a lot of screaming but no real character development. Across three films, only Spock and Kirk ever got any real development and that was all in the first film.

Those movies largely relied on past films, and the fanbases connection to those original characters. They did very little new in the way of innovation or growth. It sounds like Hawley would rectify that.

The one thing that everyone should know is that there aren’t a lot of science fiction properties like Star Trek these days. At least how Trek was. The idea of using a science fiction backdrop to explore sociological and politiocal debates is very nuanced ad a lot of media these days are less nuanced and more brash.

Having someone like Hawley, who gets what Star Trek was supposed to be, is exactly what the world of science fiction and Trek needs.