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Why we shouldn’t expect a Star Trek: Kirk series with William Shatner

Star Trek: Picard brought one of our favorite captains back to the screen

Though reviews differ on whether or not Star Trek: Picard is a good or bad thing for series star Sir Patrick Stewart, it has brought the iconic captain back into the spotlight. And has given Star Trek fans something else to discuss. (For the record, I enjoy the series and am looking forward to the second season, whenever that may be.) That said, with the series returning for season 2, the natural question is, of course, could we ever see a Star Trek: Kirk with William Shatner?

It’s not surprising that Trekkies would want to follow Captain Kirk’s later years even though he died in Star Trek: Generations. On Star Trek, death is a minor annoyance that can be fixed with robots or Genesis planets. Fans naturally want to know what Kirk would be up to and how he could save the galaxy a few more times. Unfortunately, Shatner himself nixed the idea of returning to a series when he spoke with Rolling Stone magazine about the release of his blues album, The Blues, which debuts on October 2nd. And the reason why is quite understandable.

Shatner’s insistence is disappointing to fans who think a Kirk television series could be the catalyst to improve the Star Trek franchise. But, in all fairness, the actor is constantly busy, and he’s only six months away from his 90th birthday. So undertaking a series at this stage in his life would be taxing enough, but add everything else he’s doing into the mix, and sleeping would become a scarce commodity. And it’s clear Shatner is enjoying his life his way. And speaking of this 90th birthday, the actor intends to celebrate that uniquely as well.