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2 new Star Trek novels set to explore classic television series

Two new Star Trek novels are coming out soon and will feature new storylines for Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Do you like reading? What about Star Trek? Do you like reading about Trek? These are easy questions to answer because the answer is obviously yes to all three. You’re reading this, and it’s a Star Trek site. Pretty simple conclusion. The real question is ‘do you want to read more Trek stuff?’ because if the answer is yes, then good news for you. SyFy announced two new novels that will take you back to The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

The Next Generation story is called Shadows Have Offended and is written by firs time Trek novelist Cassandra Rose Clark. Her story will feature Deanna Troi, Beverly Crusher, and Worf, set during the seventh season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The title “Shadows Have Offended” is from A Midsummer’s Night Dream’s fifth act.

The second book is called Revenant and it’s also written by first time Trek novelist Alex. R White.  His book will take readers back to the events of Deep Space Nine and will feature Jadzia Dax and Kira Nerys. Unlike Clark’s book, which will be a stand-alone tie into the seventh season of The Next Generation, White’s book is strictly inspired by.

Whatever that means.

Neither book seems to be intended to be canon, as a lot of novels, comic books, and video games aren’t considered canon, that could always change. If you’re hoping for a fast release date to get more Trek goodness in your life, you’re going to be waiting for more than likely. There was no release date announced in SyFy’s original post, which leads one to believe these won’t be out until sometime in 2021 at the earliest.