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Hawley On Scrapped “Alien,” “Star Trek” Pitches

Though getting plenty of praise for his TV reinventions of “Fargo” and the X-Men comic spin-off “Legion,” creator Noah Hawley can’t always get projects made.

Hawley has taken shots at reviving several properties that have stalled or struggled in recent years. One was a script for a “Fantastic Four” Doctor Doom solo feature that appears to have been scrapped in the wake of Disney’s acquisition of Fox.

Another one further along was a new standalone film in the “Star Trek” franchise. Yet another was a pitch for an “Alien” TV show. Recently he told The Observer that the latter won’t happen and explained what he was trying to do with his pitch:

Hawley also went on to talk about his take on the “Star Trek” franchise and how his approach to that film is to steer it away from the Abrams-era features and back towards what truly defines it:

Paramount recently indicated a “Star Trek” movie is definitely in the works, and three scripts for the feature are currently under consideration – one of them being Hawleys. For now though they are less inclined to move forward on those due to the expense and soft box-office of the previous film “Star Trek Beyond”.

Hawley remains busy, his name still attached to a mini-series adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s “Cat’s Cradle” for FX.