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Star Trek: Next Generation Movies — The 10 Best Fight Scenes, Ranked

To the disappointment of many Star Trek: The Next Generationfans, the series stopped in the mid-'90s to focus on feature films. The cast returned for bigger and more spectacular storylines beginning with Star Trek: Generations (which also featured Captain Kirk and co. from Star Trek: The Originals Series),and its success launched three sequels. For a series that had been defined by Captain Picard's diplomatic integrity, the films contained a great deal of action, suspense, and violence.

The Enterprise and crew went up against familiar enemies like the Romulans and Borg, as well as new foes like the Son'a. The fight scenes ranged from anticlimactic to gripping, and often involved unlikely athleticism from Captain Picard, who became something of a standout action hero in the franchise.

10 Picard Vs Shinzon

In the almost universally reviled Star Trek: Nemesis Picard meets a clone of himself (played by a young Tom Hardy) used by the Romulans as a political pawn to destroy the Federation. Shinzon has anarchist tendencies, however, and leads a revolt against his purpose, weaponizing his ship, the Scimitar, and putting it on a collision course for Earth.

A kidnapped Picard must fight Shinzon aboard the Scimitar and stop its weapon of mass destruction from ever reaching its destination. First he tries to fight him with wits, then with anything he can get his hands on. It's not a terribly long fight nor an effective one, but it showcases Picard's resourcefulness and belief in only using violence when all methods of diplomacy have been exhausted.

9 Data Vs The Borg

The Borg Queen sets her sights on Captain Picard (formerly Locutus of the Borg Collective), but soon sees Data as something of a perfect organism in Star Trek: First Contact.She sends drones to kidnap him and Picard for experimentation, but Data protects his captain with his life.

Data's strength outmatches the drones on numerous occasions, especially during their assault on Deck 16. When a drone tries to attack Picard from behind, Data nearly rips his head clean off in a fountain of sparks.

8 Data Vs Starfleet

Originally intending to observe without being detected, Data is part of a crew of Federation officers placed on the planet Ba'ku who become compromised in Star Trek: Insurrection. When Data is accidentally shot, his ethical program kicked in as a fail safe, effectively overriding his higher functions.

When the technology that rendered him invisible begins to wear off, he's attacked by members of his own research team, and his ethical programming allows him to defend himself violently. In one memorable scene, he clotheslined an ensign with utter nonchalance.

7 Data And Captain Picard Vs The Borg Queen

The Borg Queen finally gets her prize when she manages to take both Data and Captain Picard hostage in Star Trek: First Contact. Promising a human body for Data and re-assimilation for Picard, she almost manages to divide the two friends, but Picard manages to fight her off and Data is able to come to his aid even while being partially torn apart.

The fight is gruesome, with an emphasis on Data resembling some sort of half-finished Terminator, but it also reveals the humanity that the Borg could never take from him. In the end Data could never turn on Picard, Starfleet, or the Federation.

6 Worf Vs The Son'a

While Picard is taking on Ad'har Ru'afo aboard The Collector, Worf is trying to buy him time by delivering as many two-handed punches as he can to the rest of the crew. The Son'a keep streaming into the bridge and Worf keeps throwing them over consoles and dealing out upper-cuts.

Seeing Worf embrace his warrior spirit is always a pleasure to behold in any Star Trek series or film, but Star Trek: Insurrection really lets him go full Klingon. He easily takes out a half dozen Son'a before there are too many and they overpower him.

5 Riker Vs Reman Viceroy

Star Trek: Nemesis introduced the Remans to the Star Trek universe, and the Nosferatu-looking aliens were brutal antagonists who were sensitive to light. When they boarded the Enterprise, Riker led a security detail to prevent them from claiming their prize: Captain Picard.

The Reman Viceroy didn't think his plan through, and beamed to one of the lowest decks of the ship, fighting his way up. He had fewer than a dozen fighters with him and took on dozens of Federation officers. When he tried to escape down an access shoot, Riker followed him with his phaser rifle.

4 Kirk And Picard Vs Soran

Star Trek: Generations not only carried the significance of the passing of the torch from Captain Kirk to Captain Picard, it also showcased an epic crossover in Star Trek series, with cast members from both Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation sharing the screen — and the fight scenes.

Kirk and Picard go up against Soran, the mad scientist behind The Nexus, a feat of technology that has trapped Captain Kirk in a log cabin paradise ever since he wound up there. He teams up with Picard and together they show why Star Trek was better for their both being in it.

3 Picard And Co. Vs The Borg On Deck 16

In Star Trek: First Contact one of the Federation's deadliest enemies is back to enslave it. The Borgs have taken over the Enterprise and begun to assimilate decks systematically. Picard knows he's out of options and decides to take the fight to them in an action-packed sequence that is equal parts thrilling and terrifying.

With him is Worf, Data, and a selection of officers armed with phaser rifles, ready to defend their ship. With a single touch, a Borg could turn any of them into a mindless husk, but still the crew wanders the dimly lit corridors. Data turns off his emotion chip and tosses Borgs around like rag dolls in a fight that leaves Picard separated from his company.

2 Worf Vs The Borg

Worf had many rousing moments cracking Borg skulls in Star Trek: First Contact,including during the assault on the hellish Deck 16, where widespread Borg assimilation had already wiped out numerous crew members before he arrived as part of Picard's rescue squad.

Nothing filled fans with such delight as seeing him rescue Captain Picard from almost being crushed in the vacuum of space by a recently-assimilated Lieutenant Hawk. After blowing Hawk away with a blast from his phaser rifle (that left his arm still hanging off his space suit), he directed a blast towards a cluster of Borgs while shouting the immortal words, "Assimilate this."

1 Picard Vs Ad'har Ru'afo

Star Trek: Insurrection proved to be the film that showed Captain Picard not only finally not straightening his shirt, but taking it off altogether. He became an unabashed action star, and fans were not prepared for the level of athletic heroism on display by the ordinarily dignified diplomat.

After discovering the hidden truth about the Son'a and their displacement of the inhabitants of Ba'ku, Picard and his crew work to dismantle the plot. Picard hits the gym, packs a rifle, and scampers around the interior of The Collector like Kirk in his prime.

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