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Noah Hawley's Alien Series Would Have Centered on Human Drama

Though Noah Hawley is hard at work on a Star Trek movie, the filmmaker offered his thoughts on what his version of a TV show set in the Alien Universe would look like.

"Alien is on some level the complete opposite of Star Trek. It's sort of about humanity at its worst," Hawley contemplated to The Observer. "There's this moment in the second film when Sigourney says, 'I don't know which species is worse. At least they don't screw each other over for a percentage.' If you look at what Aliens tends to be, it's usually a trapped story -- trapped in a ship, trapped in a prison, etc. And because the Alien has this life cycle to it, where it goes from egg, to chestburster, to xenomorph, there becomes a certain routine to it."

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"I thought it would be interesting if you could expand. If you're going to make something for television, you've got 10 hours let's say," he added. "Even if you have a lot of action, like two hours, then you're still going to have eight hours left. So what is the show about? That's what I tried to talk to them about. As I did with Legion, the exercise is: Let's take the superhero stuff out of the show and see if it's still a great show. What's the show about? Let's take the Alien out of the show. What's the show about? What are the themes, who are the characters and what is the human drama? Then we drop the aliens back in and we go, 'This is great. Not only is there great human drama, but there's aliens!'"

The Alien franchise began in 1979 with the original film. It was followed by five sequels, most recently Alien: Covenant in 2017. To date, the series has grossed $1.3 billion at the worldwide box office. Director Ridley Scott recently confirmed a new Alien film was in the work.

Source: The Observer

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