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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will tell stories in a classic mode like the original series

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds does not yet have a confirmed production date

Out of all of the new Star Trek series that have debuted, Strange New Worlds might be the one some diehard fans are looking forward to the most.  Once producer Alex Kurtzman revealed that the series was going to “return in a way to the original series,” it had the fans’ attention. Now,  Co-executive producer Akiva Goldsman has confirmed that “the aim of the new series is to tell “Star Trek” stories in what she termed a “classic mode,” that would be a mostly episodic approach of traveling to “strange new worlds”, as the series introduction used to say, and having adventures on different planets.”

But there will be a change to that episodic mode. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will show character development, and, of course, character backstories. What happens in one episode will  continue to affect the characters, much like how it was done on Star Trek: Enterprise, specifically with the characters of T’Pol and Tripp. So, if the season one episode of the original series, The City on the Edge of Forever had happened on Strange New Worlds, Captain Kirk would have been feeling the loss of Edith Keeler for a lot longer.  Goldsman added that the series would introduce the characters to new aliens much like the classic show did with a difference.

It sounds like Strange New Worlds will give us the character development we wish we could have seen in Star Trek: The Original Series while splitting the focus with exploring new worlds and new civilizations. That is one of the many reasons fans are so excited about this new series.