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Zachary Quinto Wants To Play Spock In Star Trek 4

Zachary Quinto says he would love to return as Spock for Star Trek 4, should the opportunity arise. When J.J. Abrams rebooted the Star Trek franchise on the big screen in 2009, he created an alternate timeline featuring the younger versions of characters from The Original Series. Dubbed the Kelvin Timeline, this featured Chris Pine as James T. Kirk and Quinto as Spock. The Kelvin cast appeared in three films total, with the most recent, Star Trek Beyond, debuting in 2016. Despite earning generally positive reviews, Star Trek Beyond was seen as a box office disappointment, and the future of the film franchise has been in limbo ever since.

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Keeping track of the Star Trek film franchise can be tricky business. Despite plans for a Star Trek 4 emerging soon after Beyond's debut, they gradually fell apart. Hope appeared to arise last winter, when Fargocreator Noah Hawley was tapped to direct a new Star Trek film. Fans initially assumed this to be the long-awaited Star Trek 4, but Hawley later cast doubt on that. Most recently, Hawley confirmed both that his Star Trek is on hold, and that it wouldn't center on well-known characters like Kirk or Jean-Luc Picard.

While appearing on The Talk to discuss his new Netflix film The Boys in the Band, Quinto touched upon the possibility of a Star Trek 4. Quinto was asked if he would be willing to return as Spock for another adventure, and he was quick to confirm that yes, he would be. "Absolutely, we talk about it all the time as the crew of the Enterprise," Quinto said. "We’re all incredibly close friends in real life. And I think all of us would welcome the opportunity to go back and keep telling those stories." He did add that none of them know what the future holds for the franchise, confirming that Paramount's plans are still a mystery. "But, we’re all here, if they want to beam us up," Quinto concluded.

Back in August, Pine also shared he would be happy to return for Star Trek 4, so the ball truly seems to be in Paramount's court. While the rebooted films have endured some criticism from traditional Star Trek fans, the cast has been largely praised for their ability to take on iconic characters. There are many who have expressed interest in seeing Quinto, Pine, and the others return for another project, and the actors themselves are clearly ready to go.

Paramount reportedly is toying with three different Star Trek movie ideas, and one of them is in fact a project with the Kelvin timeline cast. Rumors recently surfaced suggesting Star Trek 4 had been cancelled, but Paramount debunked them. Therefore, there is still a chance (albeit a potentially slim one) that Star Trek 4 could take off. There's clear interest in it among fans and the cast, so hopefully Paramount will find a way to make it work.

Source: The Talk

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