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3 Star Trek characters we’d love to see on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds should begin production in 2021

The newest series in the Star Trek franchise, though set before Captain James T. Kirk took over the Enterprise, offers fans a lot more opportunities to see some favorite characters both past and present, mainly due to their very long lifespans. And while Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will be finding its footing in its first season, it certainly couldn’t hurt to have some fan favorites drop in.

T’Pol from Star Trek: Enterprise

Think what you will about Enteprise, but Jolene Blalock’s character, T’Pol, was definitely a fan favorite. The Vulcan science officer aboard the first warp-five starship was both logical and emotional and even managed to fall in love with a human during her tenure.

Vulcans live a very long time, and as T’Pol was only 65 during her time aboard the Enterprise, it wouldn’t be unheard of for her to still be alive and well. Yes, she will have aged, but it would be nice to see her interact with Spock, especially since he is half-human and half-Vulcan. Recalling the time she had with Commander Trip Tucker would be a walk down memory lane we’d love to see.

Dr. Phlox from Star Trek: Enterprise

Dr. Phlox is another character with longevity on his side, and though it might not make sense to bring him aboard the faster Enterprise, Strange New Worlds could kill two birds with one stone by setting an episode on Denobula. That would allow fans to see the quirky doctor’s home planet. Not to mention, it would bring the alien species back into the universe as a welcome breath of fresh air. Deonbulans are allies Starfleet can count on.

Q from Star Trek: The Next Generation

Q has popped up everywhere. An extra-dimensional being, he exists without time or space and can travel anywhere, be anywhere, at a moment’s notice. Though Captain Kirk never had the “pleasure” of interacting with him (how much fun would that have been), in additional to TNG, he did grace Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and most recently Lower Decks with his presence.  It would be interesting to see how Captain Pike and Spock would interact with this being. Many fans would have loved to have seen him have a conversation with T’Pol, and that’s still a possibility.

Hopefully, Strange New Worlds will give us the chance to see some of our favorite characters again!