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10 Star Trek Discovery Memes That Are Too Good

Star Trek has had a long history with the small screen, and with all of its incarnations, CBS has attempted to wrap all of the series’ best parts in to one great package with Star Trek: Discovery. Though it hasn’t exactly panned out as the greatest take on the final frontier, it has inspired loads of hilarious memes.

Whether it’s the lack of explanations, Captain Pike’s sex appeal, or the fact that fans unanimously agree that the mirror universe is by far the most interesting part of the show, the memes that have come from Discovery make for some great gags leading up to the release of season 3.

10 The Mirror Universe

From the original series in the iconic episode, “Mirror Mirror,” it has always been exciting when Star Trek ventured in to the mirror universe, a parallel universe where all the same characters and world exist, only they are the evil versions. One of the best things about Discovery is that it has spent a lot of time having fun in the mirror universe sandbox and it has been the most thrilling and exciting part of the show so far.

9 Walking Away From Explosions

Star Trek Discovery is one of the most expensive shows on the air, so of course it has some huge explosions. However, when it comes to fantastical set pieces, there’s a polarizing response from Trekkies, as Star Trek has never been about action and ever since the JJ Abrams movies, there has been a bad stigma around explosions.

Discovery has gone one step further by adopting one of the most overused tropes in action movies: a cool guy walking away from an explosion like it's no big deal.

8 Time Crystals

There are a lot of things people need to know about the Discovery timeline, but there are two words fans need to understand specifically because they aren’t going to get much of an explanation outside of these words when used together. Time Crystals have hilariously become a nifty piece of deus ex machina for the writers to use in case they write themselves in to a hole, or if one of Data’s diatribes will send the episode over its runtime limit.

7 Anakin’s At It Again

The Star Wars and Star Trek fans who continue to rage war over which is better will momentarily let bygones by bygones so they can both enjoy this ingenious meme. One of the most ridiculous moments of the prequel trilogy is Anakin’s ruthless genocide of exactly the above: men, women, and children. And choosing this close up of Anakin’s above any other is what makes it all the more hilarious.

6 Michael Burnham Boarding

There was a little bit of controversy when Sonequa Martin-Green was cast as the lead in Discovery, as certain fans saw that as an example of the entertainment industry bowing to "wokeness."  However, when Michael Burnham finally boarded the USS Discovery, the show started to feel the tiniest bit more like Star Trek and she’s one of the reasons why the show’s underrated.

The show has been criticized for not at all feeling like the decades-old sci-fi series, but Burnham’s starring role makes the pill a little easier to swallow, and pairing that with the image of Walter from The Big Lebowski is perfect.

5 Pike Assuming Command

Pike is one of the few things that keeps Discovery from being one of the worst Star Trek series, and has inadvertently become somewhat of a sex symbol. As there isn’t a season or even an episode that goes by when a captain doesn’t take command of another ship, whether it’s Pike, Picard, or Kirk, one fan has excitedly turned the TV trope into an innuendo— and it couldn’t be more spot on.

4 Framing Spock

The whole narrative that Section 31 framed Spock for killing the doctors in the psychiatric hospital is one of the strangest writing choices in the whole series. Why would Section 31 actually murder Starfleet officers just as an excuse to go after Spock, as surely it would make more sense to lie about the murders instead of actually carrying them through? And combining the ludicrous narrative with the popular meme from The Eric Andre Show captures viewers’ frustrations perfectly.

3 New Eden

Don’t get distracted by those piercing blue eyes and silver fox hair— Captain Pike is one of the most casually ruthless characters Star Trek has seen. Stumbling upon a community of human beings who have been abducted from earth, Pike doesn’t think twice about leaving them there, even though they never expressed that they wanted to stay except for the one religious woman. And the flippant "yup" response shown in the meme is barely an exaggeration of the captain’s thought process.

2 Cannibalism

Though the above isn’t a line from the show, it would be hilarious if it was included and it would have even made the character of Ash Tyler more interesting, as he’s one of the worst characters of Discovery. Even though he is in a human body, Ash has the psyche of Voq, who ate the body of Georgiou in order to survive. Hopefully when season three comes around we’ll get this dialogue and Ash will finally have something interesting to say.

1 The Red Thing

The greatest line of dialogue came out of Pike’s mouth when he was looking for a red signal that didn’t appear when the USS Discovery warped in. This may be the most meme-able quote from the whole series of Discovery, as there are so many things that could replace “when my period is late.” And it could even be replaced with “when you’re watching JJ Abrams’ Star Trek films and there are no lens flares,” but there are plenty of memes about that already.


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