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3 amazing Star Trek aliens you can go as for Halloween

Have some fun and safe plans for Halloween this year? Here are three aliens from Star Trek you can use as a palet for your Halloween fun.

Halloween is still on for 2020 but it’s going to be a bit different. People are creating chutes and slides to dispense candy from their porches, others are creating costumes with masks built-in and others still are finding ways to celebrate the spooky holliday from inside their own homes. Regardless of where or how you’re celebrating Halloween, there are some great gift ideas for you from the land of Star Trek.

Today, we’re looking at three alien races you can go as.

These are going to be tiered a bit by the expected price and time needed to recreate the look. Links are below to help you navigate most of your needs for Star Trek-themed fun but just remember to be safe out there and protect one another.

These are three Star Trek aliens you can dress up as for Halloween

On a budget – Vulcans/Romulans

This one is pretty obvious. Buy plastic ears for a few bucks, put them on, and boom. If you have some extra cash to burn, you can go in on a replica Star Trek shirt that looks like one that Spock wore in the Original Series. Then go get a wig/give yourself a bowl cut to really complete the look. If you want to be a bit more conservative and not go all-in on a terrible haircut, just keep your hair as is and say you’re a Romulan. They’re far less worried about keeping the bowl cut look these days.

Modest budget – Andorians

This was going to be a Klingon entry but the amount of work it’d cost to find and develop forehead ridges would be exstensive. Making Andorian antenna or buying something similar at a Halloween store seems much more convienent. Then all you have to do is buy a cheap Halloween wig, spray paint it white/silver, then get a Starfleet shirt or a leather jacket and you’re good to go.

There are three places online that sell something you can use to build up your Andorian antennae. (Links are in blue). They’re not a perfect match but with a little creativity and ingenuity, you should be all right.

No budget – Borg

If you have cash to spend, an eye for detail and the ability to get creative, the Borg is the way to go. The easy idea is to go as a white-faced Borg, like Hugh in I, Borg, or if you’re more creative, you can build your look more like Seven of Nine. A Borg costume is also a great way to reuse materials in your garage or basement. Just use black spray paint and you’re made in the shade. Just, don’t spray paint anything indoors. That should go without saying.