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Star Trek: Enterprise: Fans are devoting time and effort to revive the series

Star Trek: Enterprise ended in 2005 on a less than positive note for fans.

When Star Trek: Enterprise ended in 2005 with a holodeck version of the crew’s final mission and Commander Charles “Trip” Tucker’s death, fans were furious and dismayed. It’s been fifteen years and that disappointment hasn’t abated. Neither has the desire for the continuation of the series or, at the very least, proper closure by way of a television movie. Some fans have devoted a lot of time and energy in the hopes a network or streaming channel will hear their cries.

Bring Back Enterprise is a Youtube channel described as “a fan based channel created in 2017 to encourage CBS to return Star Trek ENTERPRISE for a honorable conclusion of the story. As a movie (s), Tv Special (s) or other. ” The channel has over 250 videos, and most (at least the ones I watched), if not all, have the same opening.

Though most are music videos based upon the characters, some offer the contact information for CBS.

There is also a Facebook page “Star Trek Enterprise Season 5 – Netflix campaign” that has over 50,000 members, and though it hasn’t been updated in a while, fans are still commenting on older posts. And the official Star Trek: Enterprise Facebook page has over 368,000 members, many of whom still share their enthusiasm for a resurrection of the series. Obviously, with more people watching on Hulu and CBS All Access, new fans are being introduced to the series. Those new fans are as disappointed with the ending as those who saw it originally.

Star Trek: Enterprise might have been considered the orphan show of the Star Trek franchise, but it had and still has a lot of fans who would have continued watching beyond Season 4. With so much happening in the franchise today, hopefully, one day, fans will get their wish for a proper conclusion to the series if not a revival.


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