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Meet the Deadly, Adorable Aliens of the New Sci-Fi Comedy Save Yourselves

A technology-addicted Brooklyn couple decides to take a week away from their phones and go upstate. The problem is, at the same time they disconnect, aliens invade Earth.

That’s the premise of Save Yourselves, the smart, funny new sci-fi film currently playing in theaters as well as available on demand. The couple is played by Sunita Mani (GLOW) and John Reynolds (Stranger Things); in this exclusive clip debuting on io9 today, we see their first encounter with those aliens aiming to take over the world.

Full disclosure: the clip below is a bit of a spoiler. But only a small one. What happens after this in the actual film is way more revealing. We just thought, if you were at all on the fence about this movie, this cute little clip would give you a taste of what lies in store.

Now, if your immediate thought is “tribble,” yes. Obviously. But, in an interview with Syfy, Reynolds explained the difference. “It’s hard to escape the Star Trek universe and it was hard to escape the Critters comparisons,” Reynolds said. “But with tribbles, the problem is that they just multiply so much and eat the resources. The way our pouffes behave is vastly different. I’ve seen a lot of Star Trek because my girlfriend is a Star Trek fan, but I don’t think I can call myself a fan because I think the real Star Trek fans would eat me alive.”

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So yes, it’s a nod, but these “pouffes” are different. If you see the movie, which you should, you will see why. Save Yourselves is now available on demand. Read our review below.

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