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3 Star Trek Villians that should appear on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has a plethora of villains at its disposal

Of course, the new series starring Anson Mount will certainly have its own fair share of villains to combat, any of which will be new to fans. But there are some villains (or their relatives) from the Star Trek franchise that are worth a repeat performance, mostly because they were incredibly devious, hysterically funny in their treachery, or cunningly evil. However they presented themselves, here are three that should make a guest appearance on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Harry Mudd

When we last saw Mudd from The Original Series, he’d been left behind with 500 androids that looked and sounded like his wife. He was essentially in Hades, but being Harry Mudd, it’s doubtful he would have stayed there long. He was devious enough to find a way to bring the Enterprise to him in the last episode of his appearance. What we don’t know, though, is what he was doing before he made the mistake of crossing Captain Kirk.

Though the original actor who portrayed Mudd is deceased and another actor might not have the same joie de vivre, it would be interesting to see Mudd challenge Captain Pike. I’d love to see how this captain would handle the complexities of Mudd’s nature and the machinations of his mind.

The Next Soong Descendant

Though the most recent Soong to appear in the franchise, Altan Inigo Soong (Brent Spiner) on Star Trek: Picard, was a redeemed version of his ancestors, Arik Soong, who we met on Star Trek: Enterprise, had an air of evil about him that even betraying the Augments didn’t change. While the Soong family seemed to improve over time, the earlier members of the family were anything but benevolent.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see a version of Soong on The Original Series, so perhaps, Strange New Worlds could take us even deeper into the story of this family before Data was created. It would be interesting to see the path Arik Soong’s relation took and whether or not he would be a challenge for Captain Pike and his crew.

Gul Dukat’s parents or grandparents

Gul Dukat was the epitome of evil and was so much more than a thorn in the side to the Deep Space Nine crew. He had no problem with torture, and one has to wonder how he got to that point in his life. Was he raised to believe that Cardassians were the superior species? Did his father or grandfather impact his beliefs that strongly? Did his mother teach him that any other species was only worthy of being slaves?

We didn’t get to see a Cardassian interact with James Kirk so one has to cross Captain Pike, and since they don’t have a long enough life span for Gul Dukat to be the challenger, perhaps his grandmother could be the next source of evil that challenges the Enterprise and its crew.

So many other villains are available for Strange New Worlds, but these three, from three separate series and timelines, were some of the best challenges, if not the most evil.