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George Takei And William Shatner Have Stepped Up Their Star Trek Feud

Although it’s been a few months since their initial disagreement, George Takei has now responded to William Shatner’s criticism of his account of on-set tensions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the two Star Trek legends have found a way to resolve their differences, and Takei isn’t going to go down without a fight, particularly when it comes to Shatner’s past reputation.

Speaking to Yahoo, Takei dismissed Shatner’s contention that he was making up a rivalry between himself and Leonard Nimoy, wherein he accused his fellow actor of jealousy. Here’s what Takei had to say when asked about these comments:

Shatner has since been quick to call out Takei on Twitter, and doubled down on these apparently inaccurate statements:

To be fair, Shatner does seem to have a point here, in that a lot of what Takei is claiming is difficult to really square up with what actually happened, pending any feedback from other members of the classic Trek crew. It doesn’t appear that Takei has replied yet to Shatner’s posts, and from the former’s timeline, most of his attention is taken up with the forthcoming election.

At this point, a clear and definitive view of what actually occurred behind-the-scenes on Star Trek is unlikely, especially given that a lot of what both men are saying is hard to prove. Considering that it took Takei a few months to publicly react to Shatner’s remarks, we also don’t imagine that he’s losing any sleep over it. Indeed, it might now be more realistic that a Sulu spinoff will happen then they’ll see eye-to-eye over the relationship between Shatner and the rest of the cast and crew.

Other Star Trek news is slightly more positive right now, with reports that CBS want to bring back more captains for their own shows, whilst there’s been talk that the future of the television franchise has been mapped out to 2027. Whether Takei and Shatner will have patched up their dispute by then is another question.