Star Trek Guide

Star Trek TOS Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Rarely any sci-fi phenomenon is as successful and long-lived as Star Trek. This hyper-popular franchise stands right at the top, alongside Star Wars, and, potentially, Doctor Who. But even though it now includes multiple TV shows, feature films, animated works, computer games, cards, and board games, books, and many more - it all had to start somewhere.

The beginnings were fairly modest - one ship, one mission, only a few central characters. But Star Trek: The Original Series became a huge success and it remains so to this day. With so many beloved characters whose adventures the audience continues to enjoy, it'd be interesting to see which Hogwarts House would be right for them.

9 Christine Chapel: Hufflepuff

Christine Chapel, albeit not one of the main heroes, still plays an important part in the series. She works alongside McCoy as the ship's nurse. But what more fans will remember about her is her unfulfilled love for Spock. Christine Chapel can seem slightly naive in this area because she continues to pursue Spock even though it becomes obvious soon that it won't lead anywhere.

She's not silly, not by a long shot, but wastes a lot of her time doing things that have no positive result. However, she has a warm heart, just like people sorted into Hufflepuff usually do.

8 Janice Rand: Hufflepuff

A bit similar to Christine Chapel, Star Trek: The Original Seriesdoesn't exactly do Janice Rand justice. It's obvious from her behavior towards Uhura and the young Charlie whom Enterprise saves that she's a kind person. And probably also efficient at her job.

But the writers mostly put her in the less than enviable position of captain Kirk's potential love interest. In other words - she's clearly interested but nothing really happens between them. Rand makes it into Hufflepuff solely on her interactions with other people besides Kirk. Luckily, she becomes much more assertive in the Star Trek films with the original crew.

7 Hikaru Sulu: Gryffindor

Hikaru Sulu has more sides to him than might be obvious at the first glance. He's hard-working and good at his job. But at the same time, despite his usually composed behavior, a warrior's soul rests deep inside him.

That becomes obvious when the ship's crew finds itself under the influence of a compound that loosens their inhibitions. Sulu then runs around, swinging his sword. It's safe to presume he's brave enough to face danger. And also kind enough to merit his place in Gryffindor.

6 Pavel Chekov: Hufflepuff

One of the youngest crew members originally wasn't in the series but he became popular soon after he had first appeared. And nowadays, it's hard to imagine the Enterprise without him. Chekov's youth sometimes separates him from the rest of the crew but in a bad way.

He seems more light-hearted and optimistic, sometimes even slightly goofy. He's good at his job but more inclined to show his true emotions than his Ravenclaw colleagues. He then later does well enough for himself and makes it all the way to the captain rank.

5 Nyota Uhura: Ravenclaw

Nyota Uhura's house is harder to pinpoint since she doesn't have as much space in Star Trek: The Original Series as she would have deserved. However, judging by the things the audience does know about her, Uhura is immensely intelligent and adaptable.

She also has a more dangerous side to her - she proves that when the crew gets into an alternate universe and she has to confront her enemies. All in all, Ravenclaw seems like a good match for her, even though she might fit in with Gryffindor as well.

4 Montgomery Scott: Hufflepuff

Montgomery Scott, better known as Scotty, is Enterprise's chief engineer. And also a talented and laid-back man who usually doesn't make too much of a drama of things. Scotty loves the Enterprise above everything else, and he takes great pride in taking care of the ship.

His sense of adventure isn't as big as the captain's but that doesn't mean these two aren't good friends. Kirk knows his ship is in capable hands and Scotty is the type of friend to rely on, no matter how stressful the situation is.

3 Leonard McCoy: Ravenclaw

Doctor Leonard McCoy, often better known simply as 'Bones', is the ship's chief medical officer. And also the captain's best friend... and Spock's worse enemy. Or so it would seem. The two like to banter but they're more similar than it might seem. McCoy also looks at life in a mostly rational way.

He has few outbursts from time to time but in the end, he's bound to make the right decision. He also has extensive medical knowledge and without him, the crew would fall on much harder times more than once. Simply said - he's no dummy.

2 Spock: Ravenclaw

The smartest member of the Enterprise crew can't belong anywhere else than in Ravenclaw. Spock prefers to rely on logic, just like most members of his species do.

He's half Vulcan, half-human, so he's not always as emotionless as he would like others to believe. But that doesn't change the fact that he has the talent and the tendency to consider problems in a rational way. And he usually doesn't fail to devise an equally rational solution.

1 James T. Kirk: Gryffindor

Another starship captain might have chosen a more careful approach. But Captain Kirk is known for throwing himself into danger. In fact, he seems to thrive in situations where he gets to measure his strength with his opponent(s).

Kirk is smarter than many people give him credit for, but his brave nature is his most obvious feature - as well as his charisma and luck with the ladies.