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Walking Dead Star Wants To Return For Confirmed TWD Spinoff Show

Star Trek: Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green wants to return for the recently announced The Walking Dead anthology show. Martin-Green of course joined the cast of The Walking Dead during season 3, playing the role of former firefighter Sasha Williams, remaining a featured cast member until departing in season 7 to take a new job on Discovery.

Sasha indeed went through a lot of ups and downs during that five year run on TWD, eventually becoming a trusted member of Rick Grimes' main cast of survivors after a rocky start. During season 5, Sasha would notably fight a battle with PTSD as she struggled to adjust to life in the relatively safe haven of Alexandria. Later she would strike up a relationship with fellow survivor Abraham, but their love story would be cut short when Abraham was murdered by Negan. Sasha’s traumatic arc would come to an end in season 7 as she was captured during a mission to kill Negan, finally dying by her own hand using a poison capsule given to her by Eugene. Negan then used her zombified corpse as part of his own convoluted plan to take down Alexandria, but he of course failed and zombie Sasha was finally put down by Jesus and Maggie.

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After her memorable run as Sasha on the flagship show (which was followed by a pair of brief flashback cameos in seasons 8 and 9), Martin-Green says she would be game to return to the universe as it’s set to expand with a planned anthology show called Tales of the Walking Dead focusing on old and new characters. "I'd loooooove it. I love Sasha. I love The Walking Dead,” the actress said during an interview with EW. She then elaborated on why should would like to return and further explore Sasha’s largely untold backstory:

Martin-Green reveals that she was indeed responsible for making Sasha a former firefighter, a detail that was finally worked into the show itself. As of now, no details have been released about which TWD characters might be revived for the planned anthology, but Scott Gimple recently teased that further exploring backstories like Sasha’s will be a big part of the agenda for the new show. “It’s to see more of these characters and more of the things that made them who they are, and then as they move into the future,” he said. Sasha of course has no more future story to tell as she was definitively killed in season 7.

Bringing back Sasha as one of the characters to further explore in the anthology definitely seems like a natural idea, as she was certainly one of the (many) glaringly under-served characters on the main show. It sounds like Martin-Green is more than amenable to making that happen, despite her current gig playing Michael Burnham on Star Trek: Discovery. Fans of TWD would certainly be interested in learning more about what Sasha, her brother Tyreese and their group were up to before they stumbled upon the prison in season 3. Another potential story idea could go further into the relationship between Sasha and Abraham, before the latter met his own untimely demise at the hands of Negan. Indeed, with a universe as big as The Walking Dead, there are seemingly endless possibilities for such stories.

Source: EW

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