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CBS has Star Trek mapped out until 2027, Discovery renewed for season 4

Paramount Pictures may be struggling with how to proceed with Star Trek on the big screen, but that doesn’t appear to be the case when it comes to CBS and the TV side of the franchise.

This week saw the premiere of the third season of Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access, and it has now been confirmed that the now-32nd century set series has officially been renewed for a fourth season which will beginning filming on November 2nd.

Along with the fourth season of Discovery, CBS is working on second seasons of Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Lower Decks, with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Star Trek: Prodigy and a Section-31 series also on the horizon.

Star Trek fans certainly have a packed slate ahead of them (which may or may not be a positive, depending on how you feel about this latest take on Trek), and executive producer and ‘overseer’ Alex Kurtzman has revealed to THR that they have content laid out for at least the next seven years:

“Heather Kaden and Aaron Baiers, who work with me at [production company] Secret Hideout – we literally just got off a call with the network mapping out with us through 2027. Now when I say that, it’s not like it’s set in stone. It’s just, ‘Here’s a plan. Here’s what we’re looking at. Here’s how the different shows are going to drop.’

“Consider the fact that it takes a year from inception – from starting production – to airing, you have to plan way, way, way in advance to get these things done, and you have to stay on top of the zeitgeists and make sure that what you’re doing is relevant. So you have to plan so far in advance now in different kinds of ways [like safety and budget] to seem loose and improvisational, but there’s nothing loose and improvisational about it.”