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10 Star Trek Quotes That Are Hilarious Out-Of-Context

Some might claim that Star Trek, one of the most successful sci-fi franchises of all time, is overly serious. But that's not always the case. Even though it's true that some episodes are darker and grimmer than others, there are also plenty of hilarious moments when the characters got to show off their sense of humor.

Just like any iconic franchise, Star Trek also works not only with funny situations but created many memorable quotes as well. Some of the quotes fans continue to use to this day. But there are also a lot of Star Trek quotes that are hilarious even out of their context.

10 Master Of Few Words

Some of the best quotes come from the original Spock, portrayed by Leonard Nimoy. And even though they're usually extremely intelligent, sometimes downright philosophic in nature, there's one brief quote that can be hilarious - depending on when one uses it. And the quote is: "Highly illogical." Not so funny, one might think? Well, actually, it's possible to use this simple expression anytime the person in question wants to make fun of something. Ice-cream falling on the ground? Highly illogical. Slipping on a banana peel? Highly illogical. This one-liner simply never fails!

9 Polite And Rude At The Same Time

Speaking of Spock, his mixed heritage - the Vulcan one and the human one - gave him a cheeky sense of humor that so many Vulcans lack. But since Spock's humor is always rather subtle and intelligent, although biting, it's easy to miss. And also possible to use when somebody wants to insult another person without being openly rude. Such as when Spock accuses someone of lying: “I fail to comprehend your indignation, sir. I have simply made the logical deduction that you are a liar.”

8 Brave Words For Brave Person

During its long journey, the starship Enterprise (no matter which one) faced various challenges, threats, and other problems. But as the spirit of Star Trek always claimed, it was all about bravely going to places where danger could lurk. In other words - “To boldly go where no man has gone before.” This quote can be used whenever a person is facing someone they're afraid of and want to lighten the situation. For example, if it's their first time at the dentist or they're doing a university exam for the first time ever, this quote fits the situation perfectly.

7 A Doctor, Not Something Else

Captain Kirk and Spock had a lot of memorable lines in Star Trek but Doctor McCoy also found the time to shine. He was a great friend to both Kirk and Spock, although he and Spock often argued and clashed heads. One of McCoy's common lines was - "I'm a Doctor, not a__!"

Simply said, when somebody wanted him to do something he felt wasn't equipped for, he protested very vehemently by using these exact words. And all the doctors out there can draw inspiration from McCoy, and use his line to make sure nobody asks them to do the impossible. For example - "I'm a Doctor, not a magician!"

6 Not Doing The Impossible

Speaking of a clever way how to tell someone that they're asking something impossible - there's also Scotty's favorite saying. Montgomery Scott was Enterprise's chief engineer and he had the patience of a saint when it came to Captain Kirk's demands. Most of the time, anyway. But sometimes, even Scotty knew that what the Captain was asking was simply impossible and he wasn't afraid to let his superior officer know by saying: “I canna’ change the laws of physics.” This is a good quote to use anytime somebody has overly high demands.

5 How To Express One's Rage In A Single Word

The following line is one of the most meme-friendly. And considering its popularity, it appeared on Star Trek in two versions. First, Captain Kirk said it, and in the rebooted film series, Spock did. It can be used to express rage in any form, for any reason - and accompanied by the appropriate expression and tone of voice, it's also downright hilarious. Plus, the quote is easy to remember - it goes as follows: "Khaaannnn!"

4 The Good Old Borg

To move away from Captain Kirk's crew for a moment, Captain Jean-Luc Picard was the first who had to deal with the dangerous enemies Borgs. They travel in a large cube, the Borg cube, and their plan is to assimilate every sensible creature, turn them into members of the Borg with one joined mind.

To make sure no-one will protest against the change, Borg prefers to use the line: "Resistance is futile." This quote has so many potential uses since it can serve against any person who protests against you, for whatever reason. For example, parents can use it against their children when they refuse to eat their vegetables for lunch.

3 The Parking Spot

In the fourth Star Trek movie, which is universally considered one of the best, the crew goes back in time to save whales. They end up in San Francisco in the 1980s and have to park their space ship in the Golden Gate Park. That is a pretty memorable place so it should be easy to remember where they parked the ship. Except for one small detail - the ship is invisible. Captain Kirk, therefore, reminds the crew: "Everybody - remember where we parked." This quote has every-day uses since there's always somebody who might have trouble remembering where his family or friends put the damn car!

2 The Primitive Culture

Another well-rated Star Trek movie that uses time travel is the eighth film - Star Trek: The First Contact (1996). This time, Captain Picard and his crew travel to the 21st century to make sure the first contact with the Vulcans will go the way it's supposed to go - and that the Borg won't ruin it. While being on Earth, Deanna Troi gets drunk and when Riker asks her about it, she responds: "It's a primitive culture. I'm just trying to blend in." This is a good line to use whenever somebody points out that their companion is doing something strange. It has even a better effect if there are a lot of people around them.

1 Tea Rules

Finally, let's stay with Captain Picard a bit longer. He had multiple iconic lines - such as "Make it so." But one of them will serve as an inside joke to any Star Trek fan who loves tea. All they need to do is to go to a restaurant or a café and when the waiter or waitress asks them what they want, they need to respond: "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot." and that's all it takes! Picard's preferred choice of drink has become legendary throughout the years - even though he switched to Earl Grey with no caffeine in his later years. Even spaceship captains have to take care of their health, after all.