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A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine revival wouldn’t be the same without Odo

A recently reported rumor is that a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine revival is being considered by Paramount

While this rumor hasn’t been confirmed, it brings up a big question. How will a revival work without all of the main characters on board? If Paramount does intend to resurrect the series with Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks) and the rest of the DS9 crew, will Odo simply remain a part of the Great Link with no indication of return?

Odo, the shapeshifting Chief of Security of the space station, was portrayed by Rene Auberjonois, who passed away in December 2019. Though Odo joined his fellow Changelings at the end of the series, there was never any indication that he couldn’t return as the Odo he was. The female changeling certainly came and went as she pleased. It would stand to reason that Odo could do the same.

In the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine continuation novels, Odo does return, maintaining his same personality and even gets the Founders and the Dominion to negotiate a treaty with the Federation. That treaty lets the Federation use the wormhole and explore the Gamma Quadrant, but they must stay away from Dominion space. That’s a monumental achievement, but would the books be considered canonical? And if so, how would this be addressed? There are simply too many questions that would have to be answered.

Deep Space Nine without Odo/Auberjonois would clearly be missing something. He, like the rest of the cast, was a big part of the series. A revival without him would seem a bit hollow as no one can replace him. So if Paramount really is considering a Deep Space Nine revival, hopefully, they are planning to acknowledge the loss or move the series in such a way that some characters are not included. Either way, it won’t be the same without Odo.