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Doctor Who's TARDIS Once Materialized In The Enterprise's Holodeck

Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover saw the TARDIS materialize in the Enterprise's holodeck., because let's face it, the Doctor has never been particularly good when it comes to steering the TARDIS. In part that's because a TARDIS is supposed to have a crew of six, not just one whimsical time traveler who never really minds if he ends up wildly of course.

To be fair to the Doctor, in the episode "The Doctor's Wife" the TARDIS was given a body with which to speak to him, and it told him it never takes him where he wanted to go; rather, it takes him to where he is needed. That's why the Doctor lives such a madcap life, running from one disaster to another, from an alien invasion to a nuclear catastrophe. True to his name, the TARDIS believes it is the Doctor's job to pay a house call whenever a crisis is happening. And that neatly explains one of the TARDIS' strangest landings of all, in a Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover called Assimilation². IDW has always had a reputation for great tie-ins, and back in 2012 they owned the comic book licenses for both Doctor Who and Star Trek. They came up with the idea of a crossover, and it all kicked off with a classic twist when the Doctor arrived in the holodeck of the starship Enterprise.

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The Eleventh Doctor was aiming to travel to San Francisco, simply because he'd decided he wanted somewhere cool and foggy. At first glance he thought he'd made a perfect landing for once, although he found his mind wandering, an experience he sensed was due to some sort of dimensional feedback. Still, determined to make the most of it, the Doctor led his companions Amy and Rory into a bar. "Why, we're bound to run into something unusual here," he declared confidently - before pausing at the door. "Something unusual, like that android in the pinstriped suit," he added.

For their part, the crew of the USS Enterprise simply thought they were dealing with a malfunctioning holodeck (a fairly frequent occurrence in Star Trek: The Next Generation). They'd first thought something was wrong when they heard an odd wheezing and groaning sound - the TARDIS materializing - but they'd continued with the program, the latest Dixon Hill adventure. "Looks like the simulation is malfunctioning," Riker observed. "It's recognized Data as not being of the proper historical period. Geordi will have to give the artificial intelligence a good workup." It was only when Riker deactivated the holodeck, only to find the strangers still standing there in front of their blue box, that he realized what was going on.

Assimilation² is one of the most entertaining crossovers in Doctor Who lore, in large part because it is skillfully written with a tremendous sense of humor. Writers Scott and David Tipton and Tony Lee effortlessly capture all the various characters' voices, and the plot - featuring a Cyber-invasion - is well-realized. Artists J.K. Woodward and the Sharp Brothers have a distinctive style that won't be to everybody's tastes, but they're perfectly suited to some of the more vast, expansive scenes as the story goes on. It's just a shame IDW lost the license to Doctor Who before they were able to make another Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover.

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