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Star Trek: Discovery Episode Title Teases A New Romulan-Vulcan Alliance

An upcoming episode title suggests Star Trek: Discovery may be revisiting one of the most iconic moments from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Discovery's third season finds Commander Michael Burnham thrown over 900 years into the future, the only way she was able to stop the crazed artificial intelligence Control from destroying all organic life in the universe.

In the season premiere, "That Hope Is You, Part 1," Burnham learns that the universal hierarchy has been massively upended by a mysterious event called The Burn, a day when nearly all dilithium — the crystal in Star Trek that serves as the fuel for all warp capable ships — inexplicably exploded, causing mass destruction. That led to the erosion and eventual collapse of both Starfleet and the greater Federation, to Burnham's horror.

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There's still plenty we don't know about how the galaxy looks in the 32nd century, but an upcoming episode title contains a gigantic hint. The seventh episode of this season is titled "Unification III." Star Trek: The Next Generation had a famous two-parter called "Unification, Parts 1 and 2," which saw Captain Jean-Luc Picard come face to face with the iconic Spock. The legendary Vulcan was feared to have defected to the Romulans, but Picard soon learned that Spock was attempting to reunite the two civilizations after centuries of hostilities. The Romulans were originally Vulcans who rejected the ways of logic to indulge in a more volatile, emotional way of life.

Spock's underground movement to reunite the Vulcans and Romulans was in its infancy in the mid-24th century, and was likely further complicated by the destruction of the Romulan home planet a couple decades later. But perhaps Spock's underground movement survived Romulus' demise and, at some point over the next 900 years, the two peoples managed to reconcile, bringing the Romulans back home to Vulcan.

Not only would this tie off something of an open question from TNG, it would also give some sense of closure to Burnham. The human Burnham was largely raised on Vulcan after the apparent demise of her parents, taken in by the Vulcan ambassador Sarek and his human wife Amanda. She would grow up alongside Spock, and the two had a complicated relationship until they reconciled in Star Trek: Discovery's second season. Burnham is looking for something, anything familiar after traveling so far into the future. Finding out that her little brother was the catalyst for Romulan-Vulcan reunification would be a nice way to close out that relationship, and show Burnham that there are still things she can hold onto and believe in, even in the rough and tumble 32nd century.

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