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Star Trek: Picard Reportedly Filming Seasons 2 And 3 Back To Back

You wait ages for an update on Star Trek: Picardand then two come along at once. Season 2 was all set to shoot this past summer, following the show’s successful launch in early 2020, but unfortunately it ended up being held up along with the rest of the Trek series. Unlike Discovery, though, which is about to go before cameras again, things have been quiet on the Picard front for a while, but some new information may reveal two big announcements.

Production Weekly (via SpoilerTV) is reporting that the series will commence filming on its second season in January 2021. That will probably mean that it’ll shoot alongside Strange New Worlds, which we’ve previously been told is eyeing a start date of early next year. What’s more, though, it’s stated that the producers plan to film both season 2 and season 3 back to back. Season 2 is scheduled to wrap up in June, and season 3 will then begin immediately and continue on until November.

This is pretty big news, as a third season hasn’t even been officially confirmed at this stage. However, from what Patrick Stewart has said in the past, it does seem like they have a three season plan for the show in place. So, this could be it for Picard, with the whole rest of the story shot in one go. An entire year of production is a heavy undertaking for the cast and crew, especially for the 80-year-old Stewart, but maybe it makes the most sense to do it that way, given the current situation.

If these dates stick, this could mean we get season 2 sometime in the second half of 2021. Season 3 would then presumably follow in 2022. That would be three seasons in three years as originally intended, so let’s hope that comes to pass. In the meantime, Discovery season 3 continues weekly on CBS All Access, while you can also catch up on Star Trek: Picard‘s first 10 episodes on the same platform.

Source: SpoilerTV