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Star Trek: Picard Star Reveals The Origins Of Raffi/Seven’s Surprising Romance

Star Trek: Picardnot only brought back Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, but it also further explored her sexuality by confirming that she’s had relationships with women. First of all, we learned that she’d once been lovers with her enemy Bjayzl and then the season 1 finale teased a major new couple on the show, as it saw Seven staying aboard La Sirena and looking very cosy with Raffi Musiker.

This duo came out of left field, but many fans are excited to have a leading LGBTQ relationship on the series moving forward and star Michelle Hurd has now opened up to ScreenRant about where the idea came from to pair the characters together, revealing the unexpected inspiration for the coupling – a photo of the two actresses taken at Comic-Con.

Hurd at first praised the writers for adding in storylines that better reflect the world right now, saying:

And though Raffi and Seven hadn’t had much interaction in the show prior to that teasing final scene, it was Ryan and Hurd getting friendly at Comic-Con that got the writers thinking.

The producers of Star Trek: Voyager back in the day had plans to explore Seven being queer, but this was vetoed by CBS execs. So, having it finally become a thing in Picard is a pretty fulfilling development for the fan favorite character. Meanwhile, Raffi was previously established to have had an ex-husband and son, so her being romantically linked to Seven came as a bit of a surprise.

Hopefully we’ll get a lot more of these ladies together inStar Trek: Picardseason 2. The only thing is, we don’t know when the next run will actually happen, what with filming being held up due to the pandemic. But with any luck, it’ll hit CBS All Access sometime in 2022.

Source: ScreenRant