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Star Trek: Discovery - Where Is the Rest of Burnham’s Crew?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, Episode 1, "That Hope is You," now streaming on CBS All Access.

At the end of Star Trek: Discovery's second season, Michael Burnham put on her mother's time-traveling Red Angel suit and guided the U.S.S. Discovery into the future in the hopes of defeating the villainous artificial intelligence known as Control. Michael and the ship both went into the wormhole and now, in the Season 3 premiere, Burnham emerges in the year 3188.

She rapidly crashes on the nearest planet but, unfortunately, it appears she is by herself. No ship follows her out of the wormhole and, worse yet, when she attempts to call the Discovery, there's no answer, leaving her to wonder where in time or space her allies are.

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In "That Hope is You," Michael starts off by herself, but she eventually finds an ally in Cleveland "Book" Booker. Book is a space courier and smuggler and although he has his own interests, he agrees to help Michael. He leads her to an old Federation space station where they find a liaison who insists the organization isn't dead. While he can't find the Discovery with his equipment, he explains that their network of long-range sensors was long ago destroyed, which means it can only cover their current sector.

Therefore, it's possible that the Discovery simply emerged out of the wormhole at another point in space. With long-range sensors limited, Michael's crew could simply be in another quadrant altogether, unwilling to leave as they search for a missing Michael. However, the Starfleet liaison also helps Burnham understand there is a more troubling possibility.

Given that she arrived in the year 3188 through a wormhole, the laws of time-travel indicate that the ship may simply not have arrived yet. She got her now, but the Discovery could arrive tomorrow, or years in the future -- there's no way to know for sure. Or, perhaps they're here already, and Michael somehow arrived after them.

Michael and the Discovery could be separated by either space or time, if not both. Of course, given the promotional material and trailers for Season 3, fans know the Discovery will soon return to the series, and that Michael will be reunited with her crew. Chances are, the next episode will show how the crew arrives in the future, and how they deal with it. Only then will viewers know where, or when, the ship really is -- and what trouble its displacement may have caused.

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