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Star Trek: Discovery allows fans to skip first 2 seasons with character recaps

ViacomCBS has posted Star Trek: Discovery character recaps to help new fans jump into the third season as it beings releasing new episodes.

The hardest part about getting into newer Star Trek (and other long-form dramas) is the gap of time you have to get through to catch up. If you don’t start with everyone else then you’re most likely going to be overwhelmed by trying to catch up. This is even the case if you are watching a series but somehow end up behind by an entire season. It can be overwhelming to catch up at that point. That’s the issue Star Trek: Discovery is facing as it launches into a soft-reboot of its series.

Luckily, there are now short-form videos on YouTube to help fans get accustomed to all the new Star Trek characters that fans may not know about.

The videos are only a handful of minutes and introduce people to Michael Burnham, Saru, Philippa Georgiou, Hugh Culber, Paul Stamets, and Sylvia Tilly.

They were all released on the official Star Trek Youtube channel just ahead of season three of Star Trek: Discovery. The hope is that newer fans will hop right into the series as it explores a new set of storylines and elements that hadn’t been part of the inaugural or follow-up seasons of the show.

With the series getting a fourth season, it’s going to be important for the crew to get as many new eyes as possible onto the series as the merger with ViacomCBS and the streaming shift from CBS All Access to Paramount+ continues to shape the future of the franchise. It’s gotta start garnering more views and social media traction if it’ll see a fifth season.

Paramount+ is an acknowledgment to itself that CBS All Access didn’t work and due to that, everything will more likely be revaluated as new projects and properties start to come up for the new streaming platform.