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Star Trek: What Planet The Discovery Crashed On

Star Trek: Discovery has crash-landed onto an inhospitable, mysterious planet as the titular vessel begins its 32nd century adventures. In "Far From Home," the story picks up where the last season left off, with the Discovery traveling through time to defeat the crazed artificial intelligence, Control.

Once they exit the time travel vortex, the Discovery finds itself caught in the gravity of an unusual planet, with massive chunks of its surface floating through space. After surviving a crash landing, Commander Saru and the crew begin to piece together where they are. The nameless planet turns out to be an icy mining colony that's been overrun by a murderous local courier named Zareh. To make matters worse, the ice is parasitic, and as the sun goes down it will begin feeding on the Discovery's hull.

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With a crucial piece of the ship's communications network damaged, Saru and Tilly are forced to leave the Discovery in the hope that some of the colonists can help them with repairs, but they instead run afoul of Zareh and his men, who promptly kill one of the colonists for helping Saru and Tilly. Zareh intends to strip the Discovery down for parts and sell it to the highest bidder, as well as confiscate all of their dilithium - the crystal that power all warp engines that has become incredibly scarce in the 32nd century due to a mysterious event called the Burn.

After an assist for Georgiou, Saru and Tilly get the upper hand on Zareh and decide that the colonists should determine his fate, not them. The colonists send Zareh out into the night and the killer ice, and Discovery's repairs are eventually completed. But just as the ship takes off, the ice begins to overtake the ship's hull, pinning it to the ground like a frozen prison. Just before it begins crushing Discovery, another ship arrives and pulls Discovery out of the ice. Bracing for the worst, Saru and friends are delighted to find they've been saved by Michael Burnham, who has spent the last year looking for her lost crew.

The planet on which Discovery crashes is probably not an important part of the series' overall arc - few of the colonists are given names, and the planet itself even goes unnamed - but it's a perfect example of what Star Trek: Discovery's new mission is going to be. The crew of the USS Discovery has come to a grim, scattered future, bringing with them the hope and resolve inherent in Starfleet and the Federation - to make the future bright again.

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