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Star Trek: Why Discovery's Grudge The Cat Is So Big

Star Trek: Discovery season 3 began with a new animal in the Star Trek universe that has captivated fans. Star Trek: Discovery season 3 finds Michael Burnham arriving 930 years in the future, after having successfully stopped the destruction of all sentient life by Control, the rogue Section 31 AI that served as the previous season's main antagonist. Upon first coming through the wormhole to the future, Michael collides with a ship, causing them both to crash on an unknown planet. Now stranded, Michael makes her way to find the ship she collided with and meets Cleveland "Book" Booker, a courier with some precious cargo he is determined to deliver into the appropriate hands. 

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While the introduction of a new character like Book is exciting in and of itself, it's his cat, Grudge, that's really got fans chatting. Pets are a common enough occurrence in Star Trek, but the last time a cat was featured as a main character's pet was Data's cat Spot in Star Trek: The Next Generation, so it's certainly exciting to see another feline companion set up to become a recurring character in Star Trek: Discovery. Grudge is introduced while Michael and Book are trying to figure out a way to get his ship off the ground again since Michael damaged its propulsion system. When asked about Grudge's unusual name, Book tells Michael that it is because she is "...heavy, and all mine."

The most interesting thing about Grudge, however, might be her size. Upon first seeing Grudge, Michael describes the cat as "very large", which is maybe an understatement. Grudge's exact weight isn't given, but from the amount of space she takes up in Book's arms, she looks to be closer to the size of a small dog. After a moment of hesitation, Book supplies that Grudge "has a thyroid condition" as an explanation for her weight, which isn't an implausible explanation. Feline Hypothyroidism is a rare but not unheard of condition that affects house cats and can be a reason for excessive weight gain. Fans will be glad to know that feline thyroid conditions generally are not deadly, if treated correctly, and it certainly seems like Book gives Grudge the best care he can; his affection for her is clear in the small interaction they have during the episode.

While Grudge's thyroid is the most obvious explanation for her unusual size, there is also another: From the looks of her, Grudge is a breed of cat called a Maine Coon. She possesses several distinctive Main Coon characteristics, such as a shaggy coat and tail, tufted ear, and of course, a large, sturdy figure. In fact, Maine Coons are generally known to be gentle giants, alluding to both their larger than average size and also their good-natured disposition. And, while Grudge has thus far mostly displayed indifference toward everyone around her, all other evidence including how big she is suggests that she belongs to the Maine Coon family.

Of course, since this is Star Trek: Discovery, it's entirely possible that Grudge is not a cat at all. Book belongs to an unnamed alien race, albeit one that looks humanoid. This might mean that his pet could turn out to be an alien that only looks like a cat, perhaps similar to Goose the cat in Captain Marvel. Until or if this is confirmed, however, it is safe to assume that both Grudge's thyroid problem and her breed make for good explanations as to why there is so much of her to love.

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