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Star Trek: Sisko Reportedly In The Works At CBS With Avery Brooks

Following The Next Generation‘s Patrick Stewart getting his own show in Picard and Kate Mulgrew just announced to be returning in the Prodigy animated series, the next 90s Star Treklead that needs to come back is Deep Space Nine‘s Avery Brooks. Thankfully, evidence is piling up that this is indeed what’s going to happen and that CBS is working on a new project based around Captain Benjamin Sisko.

Earlier this month, We Got This Covered told you that a TV series starring Brooks was in the works. Geekosity then reported that the network was considering a full-blown DS9 revival and now, Giant Freakin Robot is the latest outlet to react to the story and according to them, Geekosity’s claim that it’s a DS9 reboot isn’t entirely accurate because Brooks is the only regular of that show being courted to return.

However, GFR reveals that they’ve heard Cirroc Lofton could co-star on the series as Sisko’s son Jake, a role he played on Deep Space Nine. This is apparently a point of contention between the two parties, though, as CBS isn’t interested in having Lofton involved but Brooks is allegedly adamant about it and says he won’t do the show without him. Negotiations are said to be slightly frosty in general, with the actor not that interested in getting in front of the camera anymore, but execs believe they can convince him to return by making sure the spinoff focuses on themes of racial injustice and equality.

GFR claims that while this Sisko show is being developed, it isn’t actively moving forward right now as they’re waiting to see how Picard season 2 fares first. Season 1 didn’t make quite the impact they had hoped for, but if ratings improve with this next run – which starts shooting in January – then it’ll get the go ahead.

That’s three separate outlets that have reported this now, so clearly there’s a lot of interest in a Deep Space Nine follow-up behind the scenes. But do you want to see Sisko return to the world of Star Trek? Have your say in the comments section below.

Source: Giant Freakin Robot