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Star Trek: Discovery's Biggest Questions Ahead Of Season 3 Episode 3

The latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery season 3 caught up with the crew of the USS Discovery shortly before they crash-landed on a planet covered with parasitic ice, and set up some major questions for episode 3. After Michael Burnham was knocked off-course in the season premiere, the untethered Starfleet ship continued on through time and ended up emerging a year later, in 3189.

As Burnham learned last week, the Federation was ripped apart by an unexplained event called the Burn, in which all of the dilithium inside warp-capable ships exploded simultaneously. Dilithium is still being used for faster-than-light travel, but it's become even more rare and difficult to find, making the Discovery's supply a target in this dangerous new future.

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The Discovery is finally reunited with Burnham at the end of "Far From Home," but her long braids immediately make it clear that she did not emerge at the same time as the rest of the crew. They have a lot of catching up to do, and a lot of questions to answer.

What's Going On With Lieutenant Detmer?

Though she did an admirable job of saving the Discovery from a more lethal crash, it's clear that all is not well with Lieutenant Keyla Detmer. Throughout "Far From Home" she showed signs of trauma and disorientation, even after getting a clean bill of health from sick bay. It's possible that Detmer has somehow been infected with the remnants of the rogue AI Control, which was carried onto the ship by Leland at the end of season 2. Leland himself was reduced to a pile of gore in the spore drive, but if some parts of Control were left behind then the AI could threaten to plague the universe again in Star Trek: Discovery season 3.

Another explanation is that Lieutenant Detmer is suffering from PTSD, with the Discovery's latest crash triggering memories of the Battle of the Binary Stars, in which she lost her eye and had to have it replaced with a cybernetic implant. It took Detmer some time to get over her resentment towards Burnham for the mutiny that set off the war with the Klingons, and while she hasn't been a hugely prominent character in previous seasons, Star Trek: Discovery season 3 looks set to move her into the spotlight.

What Did Burnham Do Over The Past Year?

Despite being in a strange new world, the Discovery will at least have the advantage of Michael Burnham's experience in the 32nd century. In the Star Trek: Discovery season 3 premiere she declared her intention to find the Discovery and rebuild the Federation, but without the Discovery on her side the second part of Burnham's mission may have proven difficult. Presumably she has spent the last year waiting for her ship to emerge from the wormhole, but in the meantime she has no doubt faced a lot of struggles.

It will also be interesting to see how her relationship with Book has developed over the past year, since trailers for Star Trek: Discovery season 3 made it clear that they'll end up being romantically involved. When she arrived in the future, Burnham had only recently been forced to say goodbye to her first great love, Ash Tyler. If Book doesn't turn out to secretly be a Klingon then he'll be a safer prospect than Ash was, but the ghost of Burnham's ex could still end up haunting their relationship.

Will Saru Be The Discovery's New Captain?

Saru is currently the acting captain of the Discovery, since Captain Pike was left behind in the 23rd century, but he has yet to take over the role officially. Unlike most Star Trek shows, Discovery has seen a revolving door of leaders - first Captain Lorca in season 1, then Captain Pike in season 2 - and will need another new captain in season 3. Trailers for Star Trek: Discovery showed Saru wearing a captain's uniform, which suggests that his current temporary role will become permanent. He's certainly deserving of the captain's chair, having exercised diplomacy and leadership to make Starfleet proud in episode 2.

Will Georgiou Remain On The Discovery's Side?

There was once again tension between Mirror Universe Georgiou and the rigid moral guidelines of Starfleet in "Far From Home." The former empress clashed with Tilly, Nhan and Saru at various points throughout the episode, and disobeyed directions from Saru to remain on the ship and help with repairs. Admittedly her arrival at the saloon where Saru and Tilly were being held captive proved to be fortuitous in the end, but Georgiou and Saru's disagreement over whether or not to kill the surviving leader escalated until Georgiou was pointing her gun in Saru's face. She relented, but for a moment it looked like she was about to make an enemy of Starfleet once again.

Georgiou is resourceful enough that she doesn't necessarily need the Discovery to survive in the future, and now that the Federation no longer has a hold over the galaxy she may be considering giving up on it as a lost cause and setting out to become the biggest bully in this new playground. However, one of her few emotional anchors is her relationship with Burnham, since the Burnham of the Mirror Universe was like a daughter to Georgiou. Now that Burnham has been reunited with the Discovery, Georgiou may decide to go along with the efforts to rebuild the Federation - at least, until a better opportunity comes along.

Will "Bobcat" Stick As Stamets' New Nickname?

Under the influence of neuroblockers for her injured back, Jett Reno spontaneously referred to Stamets as "Bobcat" while he was attempting to fix the ship despite recently being impaled. Stamets would probably hate it if that nickname actually stuck... so let's hope that it does.

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