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Star Trek: Enterprise: Season 5 storylines were already in the works

Unfortunately, Star Trek: Enterprise ended with season four, and viewers never got the chance to see these awesome stories.

When the producers got notice that the series was ending, plans for season 5 were already underway. Season 4 had been one of the strongest seasons, and the showrunner, Manny Coto had some ideas in mind that would have made for an incredible season of Star Trek: Enterprise.

Most fans already know that Jeffery Combs, who portrayed Commander Shran, would have been promoted to series regular, which means that he would have joined the crew of the Enterprise, serving aboard much like T’Pol in a similar capacity. In addition, producer Brennan Braga said there would have been overarching storylines through the entire season, one of which was the changes that would have happened in Vulcan society because of Captain Archer’s discovery of the Kir’Shara. Mainly, it would have started to move the relationship between humans and Vulcans in a better direction like the one seen in the Original Series.

The other storyline would have moved toward introducing the start of the Romulan War, possibly even the creation of the Neutral Zone. Continuing in Season 5, we would have seen “the construction of the first starbase, a return to the mirror universe, and a “previsit” to the cloud city of Stratos (originally seen in the original series episode ‘The Cloud Minders’), even though that wasn’t a popular episode. In fact, the AV Club gave it a C+. But Coto wanted to visit the city with a two-part episode.

As I’ve previously mentioned, die-hard fans of the series remain on a mission to bring it back for a proper conclusion via season 5 or a movie. With these storylines already technically outlined, another season of Star Trek: Enterprise would go a long way toward assuaging the disappointment of the fans who are still reeling from the appalling finale. With the series on streaming channels, more fans are being created every day. Unfortunately, many of them haven’t yet seen how the show ended. But odds are good, they’re going to want a better wrap-up, too.