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Star Trek and Amazon Team Up for Monthlong Celebration in November

The Star Trek universe has spanned over a multitude of television series, as well as films and comic books, and during the month of November, Amazon will offer several deals on Star Trek products.

The promotion begins on Nov. 1, with support from CBS, IDW Publishing and Paramount. Customers will gain access to three digital comics through comiXology with their purchase of select Star Trek media on The comics offered include Star Trek: Picard - Countdown #1, Star Trek: Discovery - Aftermath #1 and Star Trek: Year Five #1.

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Star Trek: Discovery - Aftermath follows directly after the events of Season 2 of Discovery, while Star Trek: Picard - Countdown leads up to the events of Picard. Meanwhile, Star Trek: Year Five follows the final voyage of James. T Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise. All three comics are published by IDW, which owns the license to the Star Trek comics.

Products that qualify for the promotion include the first two seasons of Discovery and Season 1 of Picard. Fans can also purchase complete collections of the Star Trek series, as well as the "10-Movie Stardate Collection" and the Star Trek Picard Movie & TV collection, which chronicles Jean-Luc Picard's tenure in Starfleet.

Source: CBS

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