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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine would have been so different with these actors

Fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine couldn’t imagine exchanging any of the actors who portrayed their favorite characters.

As Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was getting underway and the cast was being fleshed out, three of the actors who made such a massive difference on the show were almost not given the job. Jadzia Dax, Major Kira, and Kai Opaka would have been played by other actors and could have possibly changed the scope of the show.

Teri Hatcher was offered the role of Jadzia Daz

Teri Hatcher, who went on to play Lois Lane on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, was offered the role of Jadzia. Hatcher had already portrayed a lieutenant aboard Enterprise in Star Trek: The Next Generation’s episode “The Outrageous Okona.” Some of her scenes were cut, though, and Hatcher asked for her name to be removed from the credits. That still didn’t stop the producers from offering her a full-time role on Deep Space Nine.  She simply passed on the role. Could you imagine having such a different Jadzia?

Kim Cattrall was offered the role of Major Kira

Kim Cattrall had already taken part in the Star Trek franchise, having portrayed Valeris on Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. But she was also offered the role of Kira Nerys which she turned down because she wasn’t interested in working on television. A few years later, she made that leap anyway when she joined the cast of Sex and the City. Cattrall later worked with Avery Brooks (Captain Benjamin Sisko) on the 2001 movie, 15 Minutes. I wonder if she realized what she’d missed out on. But, at any rate, Nana Visitor became Major Kira, and I can’t imagine that part belonging to anyone but her.

Kathy Bates was considered for the role of Kai Opaka

Originally, Kai Opaka was intended to becoming a returning character to the series, allowing a relationship to develop between her and Sisko that would benefit him as Emissary. Unfortunately, that changed, and the character of Kai Opaka wasn’t given much screen time on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. But the effect of her character was phenomenal. And producers were looking at Kathy Bates for the part. At that time, though, Bates wasn’t interested in doing television at that point in her career so the part went to Camille Saviola.

Though Hatcher, Cattrall, and Bates are all incredible actors, it’s difficult to imagine them as the characters we grew to love on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which is reportedly being considered for a revival. So, for most of us fans, we’re glad things turned out the way they did as, in our minds, none of the characters could ever be replaced.