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Which Star Trek: DS9 Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Of the three series that came after Star Trek: The Next GenerationDeep Space Nine has been deemed one of the best. Not only did it have a fine cast— including two TNG veterans— but it featured something no other Trek series had done up to that point: It contained a long-form story.

Starting at the end of season two, the Dominion became a major focal point in the show. It gave all the characters a chance to shine. This is why viewers hooked onto one or more of them, even if they felt ill at ease. They might have been better off if they linked to a DS9 character based on their own Zodiac sign.

12 Aries: Kira Nerys

While she doesn't want to be number one like other people who are Aries, Kira is bold and ambitious. It's why she was part of the Bajoran underground during those years when the Cardassians ran the planet. It's also why she had a chip on her shoulder when Captain Sisko took over DS9. 

Even when she settled into her role as First Officer, Kira was always ready to fight. Sometimes, she would take action before she knew the circumstances. Nevertheless, those features made her a natural leader and a great compliment to Sisko.

11 Taurus: Jadzia Dax

The Dax symbiote could fall under a variety of zodiac signs. However, its host is the one with the dominant traits. In this case, Jadzia Dax is a Taurus.

She's certainly ambitious, focused, and resilient. If not, she wouldn't have taken over the role of Defiant commander when Starfleet officers abandoned DS9 at the end of season five. On top of this, she has the Taurus role of indulging in both innocent and sensual pleasures.

10 Gemini: Rom

Rom isn't like an average Ferengi. He doesn't go in for the profits as much as his brother, Quark. Instead, he spends time tinkering with electronics and making connections with Starfleet officers. His intellectual curiosity and interest in multiple pursuits make him a perfect Gemini.

Unfortunately, falling under that Zodiac sign has drawbacks— in particular, lacking in tact and saying things he shouldn't in front of the wrong people. It caused problems with his brother, son, and others in his family.

9 Cancer: Julian Bashir

Julian took a while to show the traits of his Zodiac sign. Initially, he was not what viewers believed a Starfleet medical officer should be. The only thing that connected him to the sign of Cancer was his ability to avoid confrontation.

As the show continued, Bashir loosened up. He showed his true gentleness and compassion as the Dominion War heated up. Yet, his passive demeanor didn't stop him from stretching his Hippocratic Oath once or twice in an aggressive manner.

8 Leo: Quark

Quark thinks he's the being who runs DS9. If he didn't serve the drinks and let people win at the Dabo tables, the space station would fall apart. The fact that it's the gateway to the entire Gamma Quadrant means nothing to him.

This is the reason Quark is a Leo. Theatrical on most occasions, he can turn a simple problem into a cataclysm. Yet, he's also a natural leader within his small kingdom on the Promenade.

7 Virgo: Chief O'Brien

Miles grew when he transferred from the Enterpriseto Deep Space Nine, where he took more of a leadership role among his peers. Also, as Virgos tend to do, he became a kind and supportive friend to members of the senior staff and regular employees of the station.

Like his former boss, Geordi LaForge, Chief O'Brien has the ability to unravel a complicated situation and present it in a form anyone can understand. This made him a critical member of the staff during his tenure.

6 Libra: Benjamin Sisko

Captain Sisko is more of a balancer than Captain Picard. He needed to maintain equilibrium between his DS9 command and the spiritual beliefs of the Bajorans. This became harder for him when he became the Emissary.

Once that happened, he needed to keep the scales even between the material world, the non-corporeal Prophets, and the always-annoying Cardassians. Throw in an angry group of Klingons and the Dominion, and it was always a precarious balance.

5 Scorpio: Garak

Garak used being a tailor as a front for his true role: Trained Cardassian agent and killer. He didn't crave power like others in his race. However, he still had a sting that he would release when needed.

Thus, Garak was the Scorpio of DS9. He never showed his cards, even to his friend Doctor Bashir. While this provided him with resilience, for the most part, it also poisoned his ego in certain situations.

4 Sagittarius: Jake Sisko

Jake Sisko might be considered the anti-Wesley Crusher. While they both had the same quest for knowledge and travel, Mr. Crusher wasn't the greatest storyteller. On the other hand, Jake grew into his Zodiac sign and became the chronicler of the Dominion War.

It didn't seem like the young Sisko was going to be a Sagittarius. When introduced, Jake was a typical teen trying to have some fun on DS9. However, as he matured, he found his voice and a way to inject his sweetness and wit into conversations.

3 Capricorn: Worf

Commander Worf had to have the strength of a Capricorn to take on all the challenges he faced during DS9. Initially, he needed to cross the pass created by angry Klingons who invaded Cardassia. Next, he had to climb to the peak of command in his new position.

The next obstacle was the hardest to overcome because he needed to mourn the death of his wife, Jadzia. Though he was bloodied on many occasions, he was able to triumph over all adversities in the end in order to establish himself as a true Capricorn.

2 Aquarius: Ezri Dax

The new Dax host, Ezri, wasn't one to push away authority like other Aquarians do. Nor did she want to go her own way. The reason Ezri is under this Zodiac sign is her desire to change the universe through listening.

Plus, she was ready to try anything. Ezri thought she and Worf could have a relationship again, but that didn't work. She also pushed hard to tell Julian how much she liked him, which ended up working out for her. Thanks to her symbiote's help, Ezri was able to make leaps she probably wouldn't have made alone.

1 Pisces: Odo

As the last Zodiac, Pisces accumulates the knowledge of the other signs. In the form of Odo, it was displayed as empathy and compassion, especially once he became acquainted with the rest of the station's staff.

When viewers first met the Constable, he seemed like a cold individual. However, as he collected the lessons of humanity from his friends, he developed compassion, especially for Kira and his fellow Shapeshifters.

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