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Star Trek: Enterprise Captain Jonathan Archer Releases Presidential Campaign Ad

One of the most beloved franchises of all time is joining the United States' Election Day hype, as Star Trek: Enterprise's Jonathan Archer gets his own presidential campaign ad. The sixth Star Trek series to be created, Enterprise premiered in 2001 and introduced a new kind of Trek show. Enterprise is set years before The Original Series and focuses on a time before the establishment of the United Federation of Planets. Led by Scott Bakula's Captain Jonathan Archer, the Enterprise NX-01 becomes the first human starship to be capable of warp travel, leading to the humans' first contact with several well-known Star Trek alien species.

Despite taking place well before the rest of the Star Trek franchise, the impact of several Enterprise events can be felt throughout the timeline, and that is largely thanks to Archer. In addition to seemingly predicting the creation of the Prime Directive during his early missions, Archer plays a vital part in the eventual creation of the Federation, and he's one of the most decorated officers to appear within Star Trek. Even beyond Enterprise, it's said that Archer becomes an admiral, an ambassador, a councilman, and yes, even President of the Federation.

Therefore, it's no surprise that Star Trek decided to give Archer his own presidential campaign ad. The video, which can be viewed on the official Star Trek site, highlights Archer's many achievements, including his position as captain of the humans' first warp-capable ship. It also showcases some of Archer's most inspirational speeches, which could very easily pass for one given by the President during the annual State of the Union.

Several shows and films have found ways to get involved with the United States presidential election, from The West Wing's cast coming together for a reunion to get people to vote to Avengers: Endgame's Captain America speech being turned into a rallying cry for voters. Star Trek's election-themed contribution is one that doesn't actually connect to real life events in any way, but it's still fun to imagine how a presidential election would go in the Trek universe.

There's little question that Archer would make a good president, seeing as he actually was one within canon. A Federation historian even called him the greatest explorer of the 22nd century! Though the Star Trek franchise has moved well beyond Enterprise(with Star Trek: Discovery even traveling all the way into the 32nd century), it's fun to see how the many shows and characters can come together across time. And while Archer isn't actually on the ballot, this ad sure does make a good case for why those far off in the future should vote for him.

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