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Captain Archer could be the Federation’s President

Captain Jonathan Archer essentially played the role of a president aboard the Enterprise on Star Trek: Enterprise

The latest political ad isn’t the usual appeal from a politician trolling for votes. Instead, it puts Captain Archer of Star Trek: Enterprise front and center in the running for the President of the United Federation of Planets in 2184. Yes, that’s a long time past, but with so many Star Trek series coming and more in the works, I’m sure, this stirs up some need for conversation.

All Star Trek fans know that the United Federation of Planets is set in San Francisco, and at the head of the Federation sits a president who, most likely, normally stays Earth-bound. So while a TV series about the Federation could certainly spend some time in space, for the most part, it would be grounded, especially if it’s focused on the president.

Much like a futuristic version of The West Wing, this potential series, with Captain Archer as the president, could take viewers behind the scenes of the machinations of the Federation, its interaction with other planets and species, and the personal life of the president.

Though the nominee ad isn’t suggesting a series, fans, especially this one, can’t help but consider the possibilities of a Star Trek series that takes us behind the scenes of the worldwide organization that encompasses billions of people and aliens. The ideas for episodes are endless.

The Federation could face a worldwide epidemic much as we are now, but with it affecting the species in different ways, possibly even violent, the rush to subdue it would take on greater urgency in that world. Planets still outside the Federation could wage war. A traitor inside the Federation could attempt to overthrow President Archer. Arche’s Vice-President could be a controversial choice. (Perhaps Commander Shran?)

Whatever series Paramount is planning next, a grounded Federation would be the perfect place to lure in more Star Trek fans, and with Jonathan Archer at the helm, the chances of success are high.