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If you miss Star Trek: The Original Series Star Trek Continues Is Worth a Watch

Star Trek Continues picks up where Star Trek: The Original series left off at the end of season 3

No Star Trek fan will disagree that the original  series ended way too soon. There were still plenty of stories to be told, and although no one will ever be able to replace the cast from that series, Star Trek Continues, an award-winning fan-produced web series, does a decent job of adding to the adventures aboard the Enterprise, although it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

The sets are identical, mainly because, according to the Star Trek Continues website, “STC shot in an 18,500-square-foot studio which housed the largest, most complete standing TOS sets in the world — including the bridge, corridors, turbolifts, quarters, sickbay, briefing/rec room, transporter room, Jefferies tube, engineering, auxiliary control, shuttlecraft, planet set, and much more — precisely constructed using the original Star Trek blueprints.”

Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, Jr., Gene Roddenberry’s son, gave the series his approval, saying he was sure his dad would consider the series canon, and for him, it is canon. And the continuing stories delivered by a cast of relative unknowns is clearly an able attempt at resuming the final year of the Enterprise’s five-year-mission.

Though some of the cast struggle a bit with their roles (it was a monumental task recreating the characters first brought to life by William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and DeForest Kelly), others are quite adept, especially Chris Doohan, Jimmy Doohan’s son, who takes over his father’s role as Scotty, and Wyatt Lenhart who portrays Pavel Chekov.

Star Trek Continues isn’t the same as watching the original series, but the sets, the music, the uniforms, the props, the guest stars, and the stories will take you back to the 1960s, and even though it’s a few years old, because of the time period, it still holds up fairly well.