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No, Star Trek, we don’t want a follow-up to “Threshold” just posted their list of Star Trek episodes that deserve a follow-up episode and while some do, Voyager’s Threshold does not.

When talking about revisiting past Star Trek episodes, and plot-lines, there are many good ideas. listed some of them; like what happened to Mestral after the Enterprise episode “Carbon Creek” or the whereabouts of Sisko after he went with the Prophets? Then there are episodes that brought up important plot points like in The Next Generation’s “Conspiracy” or “The Hunted.” There’s also Original Series episodes worth a follow-up, like “A Piece of the Action”, The Apple”, or “The Gamesters of Triskelion”. What absolutely does not deserve a follow up is anything that came out of Voyager’s “Threshold”. posted about wanting to follow up on “Threshold”, mostly to see what happened to the offspring of lizard-Tom Paris and lizard-Kathryn Janeway.

“Threshold” is an abomination of an episode. It tried so hard to destroy fan-support of Paris, it took the normally strong and composed Janeway and turned her into a damsel from a Mario game and frankly just made fans hate the idea of scientific exploration.

To revisit anything from that episode would be to open up a Pandora’s box of suck, and would just add more misery from that wretched episode onto the fanbase. No one wants a follow-up on that episode.

With that said, Throwback Thursday is back this week, and I’m reviewing “Threshold”.