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Star Trek: Discovery Pays Tribute to Late Deep Space Nine Star Aron Eisenberg

This week's episode of Star Trek: Discoveryfinally saw Discovery reunited with Starfleet and the Federation. Starfleet is different than what the Discovery crew remembers from their home era. It is operating with a severely reduced fleet, but the fleet still exists and uses its shared energy to power the device that keeps Starfleet headquarters hidden. Some of these ships refer to Starfleet's history, including the USS Voyager-J, the 11th iteration of Star Trek: Voyager's titular vessel. In addition to this nod to Voyager, the episode also includes a tribute to Aron Eisenberg, the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actor who died in 2019.

Eisenberg played Nog, the young Ferengi who lived on Deep Space 9. At first, Nog appeared to be what most fans would expect from a typical Ferengi adolescent. As the series continued, Nog's character grew and changed and became something quite atypical compared to the other Ferengi in Star Trek canon. His story culminated with Nog becoming the first Ferengi to join Starfleet. He went through the academy, earned his commission, and fought in the Dominion War. Some alternate timelines suggested Nog would have a stellar career, rising through the ranks to become a captain eventually.

It seems that was the case in the prime timeline as well. As Discovery passes through the assembled fleet towards headquarters, it goes past a ship named the USS Nog NCC-325070. It seems that the first Ferengi Starfleet officer went on to have a career distinguished enough to have a ship name after him 800 years in Starfleet's future.

In a comment given to TrekCore, Star Trek: DiscoveryDiscovery co-creator and co-showrunner Alex Kurtzman confirmed this as a nod to Eisenberg. "We promised to honor the legacy of both Nog and the late Aron Eisenberg, and it seemed fitting to name a starship after a character who exemplified the possibility of resilience after a period of darkness," Kurtzman says. "Hopefully we'll see more of the USS Nog as it helps Starfleet build a brighter future."

Eisenberg's widow, Malissa Longo, also provided a comment. "I am thrilled to learn that Nog will be honored in the upcoming episode of Discovery! Nog was a trailblazer in DS9. I have no doubt that he would have left a lasting impression on the Federation," she said. "It is beautiful to know that he will be remembered. Nog deserves nothing less. So does our beloved Aron. Captain Nog forever!"

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