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Star Trek: Discovery: 10 Things That Happened In Between The Time Jump

When Michael Burnham finds herself 930 years in the future in Star Trek: DiscoverySeason 3, she faces an alien galaxy that's barely recognizable from the one she left behind. Cataclysmic events have altered the timeline of the 32nd century, and together with the mysterious courier Book, she does what she must to survive while trying to locate the USS Discovery.

After undergoing the time jump, Michael's only means of going back to the 23rd century (the Red Angel suit) was sent as a message to Spock through the wormhole. Her activity in the new era was highly suspicious, as was her affiliation with the Federation and Starfleet, providing her few options or answers. By teaming up with Book, locating pockets of Federation loyalists, and finding the whereabouts of her lost ship, she pieced together everything that occurred before her arrival.

10 The Burn

Over a hundred years prior to Michael Burnham's arrival in the 32nd century, a mysterious event called "The Burn" happened. Though Booker couldn't recall exactly what occurred during it, he explained that it killed millions of people who were aboard Federation starships when all of their warp cores exploded simultaneously.

With every piece of dilithium going inert, not only did the warp cores explode, but all space-faring travel came to a halt across the entire galaxy. It single-handedly caused the collapse of the Federation and was devastating to the Trills.

9 The Federation Disappeared

Over a hundred years prior to Burnham's arrival, the United Federation of Planets largely disappeared after The Burn. Around 2959, all of the dilithium crystal reserves necessary to power starships dried up, forcing the Federation to test new warp designs to be used as an alternative.

Except for a few areas in the Alpha Quadrant, the Federation was greatly changed, and couldn't maintain a concentrated presence. Due to the severe shortage of ships, it doesn't have the same reach that it once did. Out of 350 former planets, only 38 remained, including Saru's home planet of Kaminar.

8 The Federation Removed Its Headquarters From Earth

After The Burn, the Federation couldn't say with confidence what caused the event, or assure its members that it wouldn't happen again. Earth eventually seceded from the Federation, its inhabitants citing a need to protect themselves and the planet from future catastrophe. For this reason, the Starfleet was forced to relocate its headquarters, and abandon the training of young officers at Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet's home, which had always been in San Francisco, California, was changed to a large space station in 3089. There, ships made entirely out of organic matter were gathered, along with holographic hulls, and other amazing technology. During her debriefing, Philippa Georgiou discovered that the Federation had outlasted the Terran Empire, which fell 500 years prior to Discovery's time jump.

7 The Galaxy Became Lawless

Without the presence of the Federation and Starfleet, many areas of the galaxy became as lawless as the Neutral Zone in Star Trek: PicardThough local planetary governments try to enforce law and order, many people operate outside of the law in order to make a living in the galaxy.

Couriers, bounty hunters, mercenaries, and other individuals perform the wrong actions for the right price. Their morals are for sale to the highest bidder willing to pay their contract.

6 Time-Travel Was Outlawed

A Star Trek: Enterprise storyline found its way into the season premiere with a reference to the Temporal Cold War (called the Temporal Wars by Booker), consisting of time-travel being abused by certain factions in direct opposition to the 28th century Temporal Accord.

This created a problem for Michael Burnham who wouldn't be able to use it to travel back to her own time period. Time travel may be banned but not entirely eliminated, and Burnham and the rest of Discovery's crew would have to discern another way of creating time travel technology.

5 Programmable Matter Was Invented

When Booker took Michael Burnham aboard his ship, she was able to see the great leaps in technology that had occurred in the nearly 1000-year gap between her timeline and his. One of the most fascinating concepts she saw was his console made out of programmable matter.

In the 32nd century, programmable matter used nanomolecules to redistribute and redesign itself into a variety of useful shapes. It was also used by The Colony, and at Adtiva Sahil's station, which consisted of bedroom and office furniture entirely made from programmable matter.

4 Personal Transporter Technology Was Created

One of the most salient differences in future tech involves transporter technology. Rather than requiring a starship or an area with a transporter pad, individuals can transport themselves anywhere they choose with a device no bigger than a stick of gum.

Burnham first witnesses this while visiting the black market bazaar with Booker in the Season 3 premiere, and Saru and Tilly are given personal transporters to get back to Discovery amid growing concerns about parasitic ice.

3 Black Market Activity Increased

As rampant lawlessness pervaded the galaxy following The Burn, with no Federation or Starfleet to keep systems adhering to fair trade practices, raiders, marauders, and couriers were free to take advantage of frightened inhabitants of planets like The Colony, who relied on imported goods to survive.

Book showed Burnham an insider's perspective of the black market industry, and the woman who once told Ash Tyler she was wrong for believing survival was more important than principles, was forced to compromise them. Surviving in the 32nd century meant doing what needed to be done, even if it meant becoming morally ambiguous according to Starfleet.

2 Subspace Communication Was Destroyed

After Michael Burnham's journey to the nearest Starfleet outpost, she discovered that all subspace communications had been destroyed, making it almost impossible to communicate with other Starfleet bastions.

According the Booker, the Gorn "destroyed two light-years worth of subspace" when they attempted to create artificial wormholes. The humanoid reptilian species effectively kickstarted the destruction of subspace communications entirely, though no one knows if it also didn't have something to do with being wronged by Starfleet.

1 Starfleet Became Almost Non-Existent

When Michael Burnham first arrived 930 years into the future, she stood out thanks to her Starfleet uniform and communicator badge. Her new associate, a gruff courier named Booker, advised her to conceal her identity because her association with Starfleet would do her more harm than good.

Eventually she was able to find an old Starfleet outpost, which was almost derelict save for one lone inhabitant. From there, despite a lack of subspace relays, she was able to find out what happened to the USS Discovery and what remained of Starfleet personnel.

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