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Star Trek: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Enterprise (According To Reddit)

Ever since Star Trek was released as a series in 1979, one of the biggest stars of the franchise has been the Starship Enterprise. Sweeping and grand, the Enterprise has been a staple, and like all franchise staples, the ship has garnered all sorts of popular and unpopular opinions about it.

So it was only a matter of time before the famed ship got its own Star Trek spin-off, Enterprise, which takes place 100 years before the events that would unfold in the original series. Everyone has their opinion on the show and a great place to check out both the bold and questionable viewpoints of the series is to look at what's being said about it on Reddit.

10 Enterprise Was Better Than People Thought

During its run on UPN between 2001-and-2005, Enterprise received mixed to poor critical reviews. While the series did last four seasons and nearly 100 episodes, it didn't achieve the classic fame of its predecessors. This Reddit user, however, went back and watched the entire series and posted an entire video to the Reddit tab explaining why the series was much better than many may have thought back in its heyday.

The comments beneath the video seem to back up this user's claim, with many saying that the opening theme was what killed its potential. Despite that, however, it wasn't enough to kill the series as it did have a serviceable life on network television.

9 Enterprise Is "The Most 2004 Thing Ever"

For Reddit users looking back on what most deem the "forgotten" Star Trek installment, Enterprise is characterized as a product of its time. After 9/11, there was a sense of hyper-nationalism that broke out all over America, and it seeped into the television landscape at the time, with Enterprise absorbing some of that nationalism.

Then again, as Reddit user Zenzonomy pointed out, all Star Trek series and films have incorporated the politics of its era into its production, and Enterprise was essentially no different.

8 That Transporter Pad Made Little Sense

Whenever the show zoomed in on the Transporter Pad, it was nothing but random numbers that didn't make any sense to the viewer. That's what a Reddit user pointed out when he took a screenshot of the pad, pointing out how random the numbers were and how they had no rhyme-nor-reason to them.

One user, Voicesinmyhead, even questioned why they would put the auxiliary controls on the top left when that's where the primary controls went? It's little Easter eggs like these that only diehard Star Trek fans would get.

7 Captain Archer Is A Shouter

When you watch Enterprise for the first time, you'll recognize immediately that Captain Jonathan Archer is no Captain Picard or Kirk. A Reddit user pointed out that Captain Archer is a shouter, as it seemed he would shout all of his lines in a non-aggressive way, even if he was right there next to the person.

Many commenters compared it to the famous Dr. McCoy from the original Star Trek, who would often go head-to-head with Spock, ending with his now-famous catchphrase - "I'm a Doctor, not a__!:

6 Mediocre For A Star Trek Series

How did Enterprise fare with the other iconic shows from the franchise? Judging from Reddit user Breggen, it was surprisingly mediocre for it to be part of the Star Trek universe. "It seems like it was both out of place for a Star Trek intro and out of time for TV in general," the user wrote, speaking of, you guessed it, the intro.

For many, the intro to Enterprise was what brought the entire series down. If it would have stuck to the original theme replicated in the other iconic series such as The Next Generationand Voyager, Enterprise could have had a chance to be among the best Star Trek series out there.

5 "Singularity" Was A Truly Wasted Episode

In Season Two of Enterprise, an episode titled "Singularity" landed, but for Reddit users, the episode represented a missed opportunity with its premise, which observes the crew obsessing over small matters while exploring a black hole in the trinary star system.

Instead of focusing on the current dilemma, the episode was told in a flashback, which this Reddit user described as a "forgettable in-and-out-the-soup formula plot." Instead, the user countered, the episode's producers could have given the storyline more meat, which wouldn't have necessitated a flashback at all.

4 Poorly Acted And Flat Storylines

As the first Star Trek series to appear in the 21st century, Enterprise took on a more new-modern tone than its predecessors. One reason, according to Reddit user JobSnoWight, why the show may have been poorly received during its original run was because of the poor acting and flat-as-a-pancake storylines.

"I tried Enterprise once before, but couldn't get past some of the poor acting and the storyline of the pilot fell flat for me," the user wrote. The pilot episode can make-or-break a series, and which the pilot was flat, it wasn't as bad for most viewers as it ran for five seasons.

3 The Theme Song Was Great

The one complaint you'll run into while scrolling the Enterprise Reddit is the show's theme song. Eschewing from tradition, Star Trek: Enterprise went with a more modern theme, which upset some hardcore Trekkies.

However, you will find some fans that actually liked the theme song, like user Mossasharqi, who thought the theme was great, at least for the first two seasons. In Season Three, he wasn't a fan. "They kept the lyrics but changed the music to sound more upbeat and upbeat." He went on to mention that the cheery opening belied the arch of the season, in which Earth was on the verge of being destroyed.

2 The Opening Theme Is The Worst In History

While you may find some who will like the theme song, there are many who absolutely hate it, with some Reddit users going as far as calling it one of the worst in history. That was the assessment from user BlindSpotGuy, who had a lot of love for Enterprise but deeply resented the theme.

"I have to say, while I love the show, it has THE WORST opening theme song, EVER," he wrote. As mentioned earlier, the theme from Enterpriser strode away from the classic Star Trek theme, which turned off a lot of fans.

1 Enterprise Is The Best Star Trek Series

Thanks to its revival on Netflix, Enterprise is getting a second appraisal from Trekkies, and it's passing the test. In fact, some have called it the best Star Trek series on right now. That was the assessment from Reddit user Lord Kermit Frog, who had this to say about the show:

"I find Enterprise to be the best of the current Star Trek shows," the user wrote, adding that the pre-federation timeline and other story and plot lines unique to Enterprise is what makes it so unique within the Star Trek universe.

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