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Star Trek: Voyager Just Turned Seven of Nine Into a Revolutionary

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers forStar Trek: Voyager - Seven's Reckoning #1, by Dave Baker, Angel Hernandez, Ronda Pattison and Neil Uyetake, on sale now.

If there's one character on Star Trek: Voyager that had to go on her own journey of self-discovery as the crew of the Starfleet vessel ventured back home, it was Seven of Nine. Introduced during the Season 4 premiere as a woman who had been assimilated into the Borg Collective for most of her life, Seven was quickly liberated by Voyager's crew during a harrowing encounter with the Collective and constantly attempted to regain her sense of humanity as she assisted the crew with escaping from the Delta Quadrant. And in the latest Voyager comic book miniseries, Seven's Reckoning, Seven takes on a new role that surprises even her: As a revolutionary figure for an alien species, the crew makes first contact with.

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The miniseries is set while Seven is still acclimating to her role as the latest crew member of the Voyager as they continue the voyage home through the undiscovered country. The Federation starship comes across a seemingly abandoned ship adrift in the cosmos, running an automated distress signal. As Seven joins a boarding party to investigate the strange, massive vessel, they discover an entire species known as the Ohrdy'Nadar laying dormant in stasis pods. Upon further investigation, the boarding party learns that the ship has been journeying for over 900 years, with generations of the Ohrdy'Nadar traveling to a new planet to rebuild their civilization.

As the Ohrdy'Nadar emerges from stasis, the boarding party quickly finds that the alien culture is strictly divided between a ruling and working class, with the rulers only intent on conversing directly with Captain Kathryn Janeway rather than interacting with any of her subordinates.

As the working class diligently works to keep the ship running towards its destination, Seven begins to ask them about the deep disparity and lack of egalitarianism between the two castes despite being of the exact same species. This line of questioning quickly spreads throughout the Ohrdy'Nadar's working class and begins to foment civil unrest as they realize they have simply accepted their poor treatment for generations without a second thought.

While assisting the Ohrdy'Nadar in repairing their warp core to continue their interstellar voyage after making first contact, Seven of Nine has effectively violated the Prime Directive. One of Starfleet's oldest, most highly revered principles, the Prime Directive explicitly forbids the Federation from interfering with the natural evolution of a society's development. Seven's inquisitive nature about the nuances and foibles of different organic species has inadvertently kicked off a civil war and thrust her in the role of an unwilling revolutionary figure for the Ohrdy'Nadar's working class to rise up against their overlords.

Seven of Nine has held many roles over the course of her time in the franchise, from Borg drone to Starfleet officer to a spacefaring peacekeeper on the CBS All Access series Star Trek: Picard. Seven's Reckoning adds a surprising new development for the character as she fosters revolution and inspires a proletariat to take arms against their own bourgeois. Obviously, the ruling classing of the Ohrdy'Nadar will be quick to blame Starfleet and Voyager for this conflict, leaving Seven in charge of cleaning up this inevitably messy incident. meaning the reformed Borg drone will play a greater role as a champion for the workers or someone looking to restore the stifling status quo.

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