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Zachary Quinto would officiate a wedding as Spock for the right price

Zachary Quinto has portrayed Spock in three movies so he’s comfortable enough with the character for any occasion

And if that occasion is a wedding, Zachary Quinto is more than willing to officiate wearing the Spock ears and all. Of course, his duties at the matrimonial celebration would come at the  price of one million dollars…or it could be negotiated as Quinto says if the price were right he’d bring his best Spock portrayal to anyone’s nuptials.

He hasn’t been asked to perform anyone’s marriage ceremony before, but he’s definitely onboard as he told Josh Horowitz on Stir Crazy, especially if someone offered him one million dollars.

This would be the ultimate fan moment for those looking to have a logical ceremony, and there are quite a few fans who have held Star Trek-themed weddings as this one couple who offered tips on how to host your own themed wedding.  And a few years ago, a couple celebrated their love with a Klingon ceremony.  Their wedding celebrant conducted some of the ceremony in the official language.

Fans of Spock and Vulcans will undoubtedly find Quinto’s willingness tempting as would any fan looking to get married by an official Star Trek character. Quinto is right; this could definitely be the start of a business. Can you imagine getting married by Worf or Admiral Picard? The possibilities are endless! In the meantime, if you are planning a themed wedding, there are plenty of ideas to be found on the Star Trek Wedding board on Pinterest.